St Martin’s Action Plan

About St Martin - Sharing the Cloak

St Martin-in-the-Fields seeks to be a blessing to church, world, and kingdom by deepening and broadening its programmes, incubating new projects, and becoming an exemplary organisation.

This Summary sets out the projects that are currently being pursued in order to achieve these key objectives and the outcome it is intended that each of these projects will have.

1.      Deepening and broadening our programmes

Outcomes Projects
a A flourishing and permeable core community Develop a new pattern for Wednesday nights, including Bread on the Edge weekly at 6.30 p.m., followed by fellowship in the evening
b Worship enriched by music To develop, nurture and promote the diverse aspects of music-making which make up the church music programme at St Martin’s by combining the best of traditional church music with creative liturgy and musical innovation
c Regular personal encounters with God in the stranger Deepen and extend the ministry of the Sunday International Group
d Timely and creative business development Offer administrative functions – e.g. HR, estate management, project management, marketing – to other organisations to encourage and to generate income
e Thrilling concerts Create, promote and establish a concert series which combines its present commercial and artistic success with creative, spiritual, and commercial growth and develops a distinctive SMITF house style
f Whole-site festivals Coordinate planning between art, music, and education to enhance whole-site festivals and programmes, especially around the Patronal season and Holy Week; plan activities where different elements of St Martin’s can work in partnership to deliver events
g Global ministry Increase the scope of our broadcasting by providing facilities both for existing partners (e.g. BBC) and new partners (e.g. Classic FM) and also for ourselves; enable widespread broadcasting of concerts, services, sermons and educational programmes over internet channels
h Emerging social vision Open Doors, Open Minds, Open Hearts: the emerging social vision at St Martin’s


2.     Incubating New Projects

Outcomes Projects
a A new social enterprise To create a social enterprise that will produce biscuits or cookies (and possibly other product lines) that can initially be sold through the Café in the Crypt and to provide supported work opportunities to place work-ready and formerly homeless people into gainful employment
b Social entrepreneurship To leverage the resources of St Martin-in-the-Fields and potential partners to create a centre which will provide selected social entrepreneurs with support to give them the best chance to build their idea into a self-sustaining social business
c Imaginative and sustainable paths out of poverty Expand the Vicar’s Relief Fund to address pressing needs such as payday loans and provide support to partners with the aim of finding innovative ways to empower people in crisis to make sustainable step out of poverty
d Modelling shared mission Form medium-term partnership with St Stephen’s, Walbrook along liturgical, musical, commercial, and perhaps broadcasting and charitable lines


3.     Becoming an exemplary organisation

Outcomes Projects
a Exemplary governance Establish a simple and uniformly-adopted code of practice across all boards, committees, and groups with clear expectations, enthusiastically met
b Flexible administration Develop a spine of enabling and support functions to optimise synergy across all parts of the organisation and free the commercial enterprise from administrative responsibilities
c Dynamic and motivated staff and volunteers Ensure wage policy is a source of pride to the organisation, sustainability to the balance sheet and satisfaction to the staff
d Minimal ecological footprint Increased energy efficiency and improved sustainability at St Martin’s
e Sustainable sourcing Continue to monitor fair trade lines and introduce as appropriate to ethos, quality, price, and customer demand


The St Martin’s Plan sets out the key priorities and plans for St Martin-in-the-Fields for the years 2014-17. This whole-site action plan will be continually reviewed and updated by the PCC and the SMITFL Board, with progress monitored and new proposals assessed and brought forward by the steering committee. For an update on our progress download our Annual Report 2016 and the St Martin’s Action Plan Review 2016