Web slides

Sunday 25 December 2011: Christmas Day

Revd Clare Herbert: Listen (Adobe PDF, 120Kb)

Sunday 18 December 2011: Fourth Sunday of Advent

Revd Richard Carter: Heaven in Ordinary (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 4 December 2011: Second Sunday of Advent

Revd Clare Herbert: Go up to a high mountain (Adobe PDF, 120Kb)

Sunday 27 November 2011: Advent Sunday

Most Revd Rowan Williams: Advent Carol Service 2011 (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 27 November 2011: Advent Sunday

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Heaven in Ordinary (Adobe PDF, 190Kb)

Sunday 20 November 2011: Christ the King

Revd Will Morris: Judging the Bankers? (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 13 November 2011: Patronal Festival

Revd Richard Carter: Where time leaps up and strikes eternity (Adobe PDF, 120Kb)

Sunday 13 November 2011: Remembrance Sunday

Rt Revd Peter Hullah: Remembrance Sunday (Adobe PDF, 140Kb)

Sunday 6 November 2011: Third Sunday before Advent

Revd Richard Carter: Attentiveness (Adobe PDF, 140Kb)

Sunday 30 October 2011: All Saints’ Sunday

All Saints' Sunday: "We will be like him, for we will see him as he is." (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 23 October 2011: Bible Sunday

Revd Rosy Fairhurst: Bible Sunday (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 16 October 2011: St Luke

Canon Mark Oakley: St Luke's Day (Adobe PDF, 140Kb)

Sunday 9 October 2011: Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Katherine Hedderly: We Come as Guests Invited (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 2 October 2011: Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

Canon Chris Chivers: For all your world we plead (Adobe PDF, 140Kb)

Sunday 25 September 2011: Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Richard Carter: Radical Compassion (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 18 September 2011: Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Clare Herbert: The cost of inclusion (Adobe PDF, 120Kb)

Sunday 11 September 2011: Twelfth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Living Forgiveness (Adobe PDF, 140Kb)

Sunday 4 September 2011: Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

Revd Richard Carter: The Commandment to Love (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 28 August 2011: Tenth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Overcoming evil with good (Adobe PDF, 126Kb)

Sunday 21 August 2011: Ninth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Rosy Fairhurst: What sort of a rock? (Adobe PDF, 140Kb)

Sunday 14 August 2011: Eighth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Richard Carter: What Comes Out of the Human Heart (Adobe PDF, 119Kb)

Sunday 7 August 2011: Seventh Sunday after Trinity

Revd Clare Herbert: Jesus spoke to them and said, "take heart, it is I, do not be afraid." (Adobe PDF, 127Kb)

Sunday 31 July 2011: Sixth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Will Morris: Work, rest, generosity and imagination (Adobe PDF, 121Kb)

Sunday 24 July 2011: Fifth Sunday after Trinity

Revd Richard Carter: The Mustard Seed (Adobe PDF, 138Kb)

Sunday 10 July 2011: Third Sunday after Trinity

Revd Nicholas Holtam: The Parable of the Sower - a final sermon from The Revd Nicholas Holtam, Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields 1995-2011 (Adobe PDF, 139Kb)

Sunday 3 July 2011: Second Sunday after Trinity (St Thomas)

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Seeing and Believing: Christ the Cornerstone (Adobe PDF, 145Kb)

Sunday 26 June 2011: First Sunday after Trinity

Revd Richard Carter: Whoever welcomes you welcomes me (Adobe PDF, 136Kb)

Sunday 19 June 2011: Trinity Sunday

Revd Nicholas Holtam: Trinity Sunday (Adobe PDF, 132Kb)

Sunday 12 June 2011: Pentecost

Rt Revd Mark Sisk: The Feast of Pentecost (Adobe PDF, 124Kb)

Sunday 5 June 2011: Seventh Sunday of Easter

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Trust, unity and prayerfulness (Adobe PDF, 119Kb)

Thursday 2 June 2011: Ascension

Most Revd Rowan Williams: Ascension Day 2011 (Adobe PDF, 121Kb)

Sunday 29 May 2011: Sixth Sunday of Easter

Revd Clare Herbert: The Courage of Despair (Adobe PDF, 129Kb)

Sunday 22 May 2011: Fifth Sunday of Easter

Revd Richard Carter: The Way of the Father (Adobe PDF, 133Kb)

Sunday 15 May 2011: Fourth Sunday of Easter

Revd Katherine Hedderly: The Call of the Shepherd (Adobe PDF, 134Kb)

Sunday 8 May 2011: Third Sunday of Easter

Revd Nicholas Holtam: The community of the resurrection (Adobe PDF, 132Kb)

Sunday 1 May 2011: Second Sunday of Easter

Revd Richard Carter: Royal Wedding (Adobe PDF, 142Kb)

Sunday 24 April 2011: Easter Day

Revd Richard Carter: Resurrection no victim (Adobe PDF, 133Kb)

Thursday 21 April 2011: Maundy Thursday

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Doing Things Differently (Adobe PDF, 143Kb)

Sunday 10 April 2011: Fifth Sunday of Lent

Revd Nicholas Holtam: With him is plenteous redemption. Psalm 130.7 (Adobe PDF, 148Kb)

Sunday 3 April 2011: Fourth Sunday of Lent

Revd Clare Herbert: Wounds and Healing - A Sermon for Mothering Sunday (Adobe PDF, 117Kb)

Sunday 27 March 2011: Third Sunday of Lent

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Forgiveness (Adobe PDF, 142Kb)

Sunday 20 March 2011: Second Sunday of Lent

Revd Rosy Fairhurst: Sin (Adobe PDF, 148Kb)

Sunday 13 March 2011: First Sunday of Lent

Revd Richard Carter: Out of the Depths (Adobe PDF, 141Kb)

Wednesday 9 March 2011: Ash Wednesday

Revd Richard Carter: Falling we stand (Adobe PDF, 137Kb)

Sunday 27 February 2011: Second Sunday before Lent

Revd Katherine Hedderly: Consider the lilies (Adobe PDF, 144Kb)

Sunday 20 February 2011: Third Sunday before Lent

Revd Clare Herbert: "Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you" (Adobe PDF, 131Kb)

Sunday 13 February 2011: Fourth Sunday before Lent

Revd Nicholas Holtam: Science, religion and looking forward with hope (Adobe PDF, 136Kb)

Sunday 6 February 2011: Fifth Sunday before Lent

Revd Richard Carter: Let your light so shine (Adobe PDF, 134Kb)

Sunday 23 January 2011: Third Sunday of Epiphany

Revd Will Morris: I Hate You: The Power of Words (Adobe PDF, 122Kb)

Sunday 16 January 2011: Second Sunday of Epiphany

Revd Richard Carter: Beholding (Adobe PDF, 122Kb)

Sunday 9 January 2011: First Sunday of Epiphany

Revd Katherine Hedderly: The Baptism of Christ (Adobe PDF, 130Kb)

Sunday 2 January 2011: Second Sunday After Christmas

Revd Nicholas Holtam: Seeing Jesus (Adobe PDF, 129Kb)