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A Message from Revd Dr Sam Wells

News St Martin – Talking Points

Friday 15 January 2016

To All who Read the Primates’ Statement with Grief and Dismay


When a person comes out as gay, they sometimes face a wall of silence from people who don’t know how to respond; they may find precious support from people they never knew cared; but agonisingly, yet often, they find that a person whose love they covet and whose affirmation they yearn for can’t deal with what they’re telling them, responding instead with words of condemnation and gestures of ostracism.

The US Episcopal Church has experienced just such things in its resolve to regard LGBT people as signs of God’s blessing rather than embodiments of human wilfulness. It has received words of understanding, but indications also of admonishment and sanction.

The ray of hope from the experience of those who have come out is this. Those same people whose ostracism hurt them so much, in many cases later came to say: ‘But you’re my brother, my sister, my child – I cannot reject you.’ Likewise worldwide Anglicans have been rediscovering, ‘Our unity is integral to our identity: we don’t know who we are without each other.’

My prayer today is that a corresponding slow, but ultimately beautiful, transformation will happen in the Anglican Communion: that words of antagonism, ultimately rooted in fear, will be displaced by a renewal of even deeper bonds of affection; and that those who reproach and condemn will come to realise that the ones they are really impoverishing are themselves.

Revd Dr Sam Wells
Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields
15 January 2016

The Primates’ Statement can found here