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A Prayer for Syria

News St Martin – Talking Points

Friday 6 September 2013

God of mercy and grace, look with compassion on your people who face the horror of civil war.

As in your son you were a refugee, walk with those who flee terror and abandon home and livelihood and loved ones.

As you anticipated a day when a house would be divided against itself, be with all who find that neighbours, relatives, colleagues and friends have become enemies, spies, and soldiers.

As you breathe through your church, move in the hearts of Christians as they seek to uphold their faith, their integrity, their longing for justice, their spirit of forgiveness.

As you judge the nations, give wisdom and restraint to all who feel the urgency of doing something visible and instant, however destructive and violent that something might be.

As once you first led your son’s followers in this land to be called Christians, make this bleeding nation again one where your glory is revealed as helpless baby, crucified redeemer, and risen Lord, that as today so many know the agony of your cross, each may come to share the Sabbath of your resurrection. Amen.