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Advent Meditation: A Great King Over All the Earth

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Saturday 28 December 2013

For the Lord, the Most High, is awesome, a great king over all the earth.

Psalm 47.2

Take some time today to appreciate the revelation of God’s awesomeness in the vast scale of creation.

If you can, get up high, on a hill or a tall building. Look out at the scene stretching before you and stretching off far beyond where the eye can see. For a few moments try to hold an awareness of how small a fraction of the earth this scene represents.

Or, look up into the sky and consider the vastness of space above us, the delicate, wonderful balance of gases that surround and protect us, the stars shining millions of kilometres above us.

Or, look at El Greco’s View of Mount Sinai. Imagine you are one of the pilgrims looking up at the mountain peaks surrounding you, towering above you and the monastery you seek and journey towards.

God of creation
Our world, our universe is truly awesome, vast in scale yet amazing in detail.
That you who created such wonder should come to us as a helpless baby is hard to comprehend.
Grant us the grace to truly know our worth in your eyes and inspire us with love for you and your creation that we may be worthy stewards of your world.

Introduction to our meditations

Meditation for Friday 27 December 2013

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