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Changes to the Sunday 10am Liturgy

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 2 December 2012

Observant worshipers will note a few alterations to our liturgy at the 10am service each Sunday, beginning on Advent Sunday, 2 December 2012.  Here are some of the more significant changes and a rationale for each one. 

Each Sunday there will be a whole-book order of service, including spoken parts of the regular service together with hymns, readings, sung parts of the liturgy and anthems. It’s simply too complex to expect our high number of visitors to keep alternating to and fro between a regular service order (which we depart from quite frequently anyway) and the booklet with each Sunday’s music and readings; and helping them to do so requires a lot of announcements, which interrupt the flow of the service.  The limited amount of extra paper involved is offset by the confidence with which each person present should now be able to follow the service.

The role of leading the service will be divided between the presider and the deacon. This will enable each to put added care into the parts they respectively lead and enable the full range of St Martin’s diverse clergy team to play a visible role in leading worship more frequently.

Children will be more visible in the service; those aged 7 and above will be invited to stay in the service and participate in a variety of suitable roles.

We shall usually have 3 scripture readings, rather than 2.