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The Café in the Crypt is the ideal spot for affordable dining in central London.

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Exhibitions at St Martin’s, August – November 2015

News St Martin – Talking Points

St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ is renowned throughout the world for its music, architecture, hospitality and a forward-thinking approach to supporting people in need. From London’s first free lending library and religious broadcast, to pioneering work with homeless people and its world-renowned music programme, St Martin’s continues to break new ground in defining what it means to be a church.  St Martin’s hosts art exhibitions in the Foyer and Gallery in the Crypt as well as outside on the church railings.  St Martin’s offers a platform for artists and organisations to display their works, to deliver a message of hope and to encourage viewers to re- examine their perspectives on the modern world.

Monday 7 August – Wednesday 30 September

Artworks 2015 from the Connection at St Martin’s       
Foyer Exhibition

11813392_1200571516635113_567599693063642909_nThis vibrant exhibition displays a wide range of talented artwork and photographs by people who use The Connection’s creative groups. The workshops unlock people’s potential and are therapeutic,  increasing people’s confidence and well-being.

It’s a show not to be missed, so come down with friends and family and you’ll get to enjoy an immense range of creative talent on display. Some art will be available for sale and proceeds will support The Connection’s artists.

Margaret, who uses the art room says: “I was suffering from depression because I lost several members of my family all in the same month, and art is a leeway. Instead of taking tablets, I thought find something to work on, and then my mind is not focused on that fact. It’s focused on what I’m doing. I don’t take any tablets because of art.”

Tuesday 11 August – Sunday 6 September
Inside Out / Outside In

LOTUS LILY LAYERS copyInside Out / Outside in is a thought-provoking exhibition by three Quaker female artists.  Featuring human landscapes, the exhibition provides an opportunity to depict, show and open dialogue around shared spiritual

Tuesday 8 September – Saturday 3 October
Waste Nothing: Finding a Home for the Discarded

London Guild of Weavers 2015Throughout history, spinning and weaving traditions around the world have employed second-hand textiles that are re-used, repaired, and recycled to reappear in a completely different guise to start a new life. These traditional crafts have always made use of the by-products and waste matter from other processes to ensure that as little as possible of precious resources is wasted. Many of these ancient techniques are still in use today. This exhibition brings together original textiles and yarns designed and made by the members of the London Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, breathing new life into old textiles, yarns and other materials.

Wednesday 7 October – Sunday 18 October

Brussels at Dawn – The Edith Cavell Centenary
Gallery Exhibition

Edith CavellThis October we mark 100 years since Edith Cavell, a British WW1 nurse, was arrested and held for 10 weeks in Saint Gilles Prison in Brussels and then executed at dawn on 12 October 1915 for treason. Unity Arts were awarded a grant by the Heritage Lottery Fund to explore the legacy left by this heroic woman (her statue is just outside in St Martin’s Place). The exhibition and special live events have been created by community researchers, curators and artists.  These are their responses to investigating her life and extraordinary times – against the context of the reign of George V who was born in the same year and brought her body back from Belgium.

Image by Michael Cheetham

Friday 9 October, 12.30pm Lunchtime talk about Edith Cavell and her legacy

Monday 12 October100th anniversary of Edith Cavell’s execution.

10.30am Commemorative Wreath Laying at the statue in St Martins Place

 Lunchtime Brussels at Dawn – Jack’s Story a puppet show from the point of view of Edith Cavell’s faithful dog, Jack plus Cavell diary readings, a short tour of the exhibition and music

Friday 16 October, 12.30 Brussels At Dawn – Bob’s Story is a dramatic monologue about Private Harry “Bob” Roberts, how, was wounded behind enemy lines, was nursed to health by Edith Cavell and how she helped him escape to Britain.

 All live events will be followed by a short film. For further details visit their website.

Wednesday 14 October – Sunday 22 November

Missing People Home for Christmas
Foyer Exhibition

Missing peopleEvery two minutes someone goes missing in the UK.  The charity Missing People’s exhibition features  a poignant collection of photographs of families with missing loved ones, taken by renowned photographer James O Jenkins and in support of their Home for Christmas Appeal. Each image features a different family standing by their front door, symbolising the hopes and fears experienced by all of those who continue to wait for their missing parent, sibling, son or daughter to come home.   The exhibition gives members of the public the opportunity to stand with these families, by sharing messages of hope and supporting the charity’s annual Home for Christmas Appeal.

James O Jenkins is a London based photographer working for a wide variety of clients and publications. He has exhibited widely and in 2013 published his first book ‘United Kingdom’, a visual study of traditional annual UK customs.

The charity Missing People are a lifeline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, bringing missing adults and children home to their loved ones and providing emotional and practical support to those still in limbo. By visiting the St Martin-in-the-Fields exhibition and supporting the charity’s Home for Christmas appeal, you too will be a lifeline to missing people and their families this Christmas.

Tuesday 20 October – Saturday 31 October

Playing with Perception:  An exhibition of paintings by Caroline Leaf
Gallery Exhibition

Caroline Leaf 2This significant new exhibition showcases Caroline Leaf’s bold evolution from an internationally acclaimed and award-winning animation artist and filmmaker to a painter.

Her films, which use beach sand and paint as mediums, are renowned for their painterly technique, virtuoso camera moves, and captivating storytelling. In this new phase of her development as an artist, Leaf’s interest in process continues to compel her: “I chase accidents which have energy. I watch edges for meaning. Perception hangs on multiple and delicate inter-relationships within the image. A single stroke of paint can change the whole. This is exciting.”

The structure of her images is now the story, and this structure becomes increasingly complex and intriguing. Her process with paint is improvisational. She sculpts with light, adding and taking away strokes of light and shade in order to discover the image. The seed idea is a memory, and the final reveal is spatial. The importance of mark-making and of the basic elements of visual language — shapes, edges, and colour — lead her to abstraction.


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