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Lunchbreak: A Theology of Everyday Things returns

News St Martin – Talking Points

Tuesday 30 April 2013

From 2 May, our Thursday Lunch-break service continues in this second series of ten-week talks on the “theology of everyday things” for all those who work around St Martin’s during the week.

Led by Revd Will Morris, the series examines the links between our faith, the Bible, and the ordinary things we encounter during the week in central London.

This series will look at difficult situations that can arise in the workplace, “What happens if . . .”  

2 May: I want to talk about ethics at work
9 May: I am asked to do something against my Christian beliefs
16 May: I am told to compete against my colleagues
23 May: My boss wants me to work harder and harder
30 May: Simply Living (Melanesian Brothers & Sisters)
6 June: Everyone’s always arguing
13 June: I have to respond to a difficult email
20 June: My boss asks me to lie
27 June: I’m tempted to do something bad in the office
4 July: I do something bad in the office
In each case, and with reference to the Bible, we will try to explore a distinctively Christian response to these common workplace problems.  We do hope you will be able come to some or all of these.  In order to receive more details, and to be kept updated, please email Will Morris.
The half hour service starting at 1.00pm is followed at 1.30pm by a simple lunch at  a nominal price for those who would like to stay. All are welcome.