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Our New Pattern of Worship from September 2014

News St Martin – Talking Points

Friday 9 May 2014

We are now able to confirm the new pattern of worship to run from September.  Thank you to many people for contributions, wisdom and reflection.  

Just to recap on the journey we have taken, the stipendiary clergy explored our whole pattern of worship at their away day on 21 January and discussed this further at the extended ministers’ group on 18 February.  These developing ideas were fed into the parallel process of working out the St Martin’s Action Plan.  The PCC had a good discussion of the proposals at their 18 March meeting and were fully supportive.  The Church and Worship committee reflected on the proposed changes at its meeting on 23 March and subsequently held a meeting with Sam on Sunday 13 April. Details were shared with the congregation via the weekly parish pipeline on 25 April and in a handout at the principal services on Sunday 27 April.

Since then amongst the congregation(s) there have been lively, informed and in some cases passionate responses to the changes and opportunities have listened to what people have been saying.  There was a constructive and informative meeting with members of the congregation after the 10.00am service on Sunday 4 May, and a wide range of viewpoints, suggestions and concerns were shared.  Having listened to these the following decisions have been made:

  • The Sunday 8.00am service will be continued. However its long-term sustainability requires a growth in numbers attending. If there is no significant growth over the next 6 months, that will indicate the desire to continue the service is not widely shared. 
  • There will be a new, monthly, contemplative Sunday 7.00pm service called Sacred Space, including silence, reflection, music and prayer.

We look forward to sharing and experiencing these and all the other changes with you as we seek to deepen and extend the mission of St Martin’s.  

Following on from suggestions at the meeting and a helpful response from the Church and Worship committee we will be holding a review of all the changes to the pattern of service in February 2015, along the lines of the May 2013 review of the changes to the 10am service.  Because we work 4-6 months ahead, any subsequent changes or revisions following a review would take time to be brought in.

Sam Wells