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Prayers to use as you reflect on the Processional Cross

News St Martin – Talking Points

Thursday 5 December 2013

Our clergy team have prepared these prayers for use when reflecting on the Processional Cross.

Picture of the St Martin-in-the-Fields Processional Cross by sculptor Brian Catling

Heavenly Father, you had a cross in your heart from the foundation of the world, and you shall have a cross in your heart till the end of time.  As we contemplate this cross, draw us to enter its story, as we enter its story draw us to carry its burden, as we carry its burden may we come to meet you in the glory of your redeeming love. Amen.

Blessed Jesus, you knew the hostility of the authorities, the betrayal of the disciples, and the ridicule of the crowd, as well as the agony of pain and rejection.  Make this cross a symbol for the oppressed of your world today, that all who know shame my find in it love, all who know suffering my find in it faith, and all who know despair may find in it hope. Amen.

Holy Spirit, you draw into the kingdom the driftwood of the earth, the waste, the junk, the patchwork of your planet.  Through this cross be a blessing for your church today, that in it your diverse people may each see their way to belong in your heart, their place to thrive in your kingdom, their way to be turned from discarded wood into glistening gold. Amen.

Holy Trinity, in this cross your heart was broken open that we might find a way to enter the glory of communion with you.   Take our broken hearts and make them places of encounter and communion with one another and with you, that through a cross in our hearts forever, we may ever abide in you. Amen.

Download as a PDF: Processional Cross Prayer Card