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Revd Clare Herbert to join South East Institute of Theological Education

News St Martin – Talking Points

Friday 30 May 2014

On Sunday 6 July this year Revd Clare Herbert, Lecturer in Inclusive Theology at St Martin-in-the-Fields, leaves us to take up a new post as Tutor in Contextual Theology and Mission for the South East Institute of Theological Education. She writes:

“I shall be desperately sad to leave, and will miss the people I love at St Martin’s very much indeed. But the time is right for me to take up a teaching post with people from the Dioceses of Southwark, Rochester, Canterbury and Chichester, who are training to be deacons, priests and  readers, and who may profit from all I have learnt at St Martin’s and St Anne’s, Soho.  I have always longed for such a post to appear in Dioceses I can reach from home. Now one has,  and precisely when my work is finished at St Martin’s. Of course the work of inclusion is never over, because it is the work of love, and love takes our whole life to learn. But St Martin’s is, was, and always will be a most inclusive place – I have simply given it a shove in certain directions!

I have gained enormously from that inclusion – gained love, fun, friends and challenge in growing into Christ’s image. One more step, or, as our Vicar put it “Clare, you can always come back when you retire!” Don’t worry , I shall be back to visit you before that! As Dick Sheppard heard people say in his dream “ This is St Martin-in-the-Fields. This is our (my) home!”

Please pray for me as I enter a new career in theological education, and thank you for helping me grow in many of the skills I shall need.

With love, as ever,