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Wednesday 20 November: Just This Day

News St Martin – Talking Points

Monday 28 October 2013

On Wednesday 20 November, Just This Day returns to St Martin’s with a day themed around the importance of stillness and silence. 

3 Minutes Silence will be held every hour on the hour  This year,  after a half hour meditation starting at 10.00 am and led by Father Laurence Freeman OSB.

08.00 3 minutes Silence leading into Morning Prayer.

09.00 Discantvs sing

09.40 Nikki Slade, Free the Inner Voice, chanting from different traditions

10.00 Father Laurence Freeman will lead a meditation

10.30 Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Mrs Valery Rees will chair a panel of 4 speakers including Father Laurence.  The other speakers are Mrs Sylvia Leiserach from the Study Society, Mr Donald Lambie, leader of the School of Economic Science and Mr Richard Burnett, co founder of the Mindfulness in Schools movement.  They will be speaking of the priceless nature of stillness, of the universal and timeless nature of meditation, of the different traditions of meditation which each one represents and of making it available and accesible in 2013.

12.00 Midday, 3 minutes Silence

13.00 Choral Eucharist with the Choral Scholars of St Martin’s

17.00 Choral Evensong with the Choral Scholars of St Martin’s continuing the theme of stillness, through music, word and prayer.

18.15 Holy Communion.

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