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Sam Wells at the Faith in Conflict Conference, Coventry

News St Martin – Talking Points

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Yesterday (26 February) Sam Wells gave a keynote talk at the Faith in Conflict Conference in Coventry.

Addressing the themes of conflict and reconciliation in churches and communities,  Sam spoke of exasperation, impatience and difference to argue that “every kind of ministry is ultimately a ministry of reconciliation.”

“And only now, with truth in one hand and repentance in the other, can we begin to see that Christ died for this, for this mundane congregation with its bourgeois battle about windows, because this battle about windows is really a struggle for faith and relevance and meaning and impact and hope and trust and discipleship and grief and mission and beauty and longing. This is the moment when we need to ask both parties for some gesture of penance, some sign that acknowledges one another’s wounds and integrity. Only at this point – and it requires us to set aside impatience and exasperation and exercise all our time and courage and wisdom and perseverance to get to this point – only at this point can we hope to glimpse some forgiveness, and inch toward something like reconciliation; and only when the dust has begun to settle on reconciliation can we start looking for healing.”

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