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St Martin’s and Me: an Anonymous Contribution

News St Martin – Talking Points

Friday 21 February 2014

I picked up a flyer about your project when I attended Choral Evensong on Sunday 29 September and hope you don’t mind me offering a contribution. To use a Quaker phrase your project “spoke to my condition”. I won’t be on any of your lists of worshippers at St Martin’s but I feel very much part of your community.

I am an active members of my local Quaker meeting. I also come to Choral Evensong at St Martin’s on a Sunday whenever I can. I love coming to St Martin’s because I can worship in complete anonymity and without anyone asking me to sort something out or take on some administrative task. My sister died last year leaving a husband and two young children. It’s not always been easy and I’ve felt I can bring this with me to St Martin’s and share it with God, without having to explain or get into conversation about it.

I don’t live in central London and there are Anglican churches nearer to where I live but I feel at home at St Martin’s. I’m gay and I value the fact that you offered a true welcome to gay Christians long before it was fashionable. I value the work you do with people who are homeless which shows what Christianity is really about in getting alongside people. And I love the music – my late mother had an LP of music from St Martin’s and I’ve always remembered her explaining to me that there was a church in central London that was originally in the fields but that the city grew out to take it in; it’s a picture that made a big impression on a little girl.

So that’s what St Martin’s means to me and I offer this contribution as my “thank you” to all those who play a more active role at St Martin’s and ensure it is there for me and others.

In peace.