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Supporting the MS Foundation School in Hyderabad

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Friday 6 December 2013

The MS Foundation School in Yellamabanda near Kukatpally “serves the families of migrant labourers and a community of people who, in the wake of urban development, have been dispossessed of their land and homes.” 

A child sits outside the MS Foundation School in Hyderabad, India

A classroom in the MS Foundation School in Hyderabad, India

St Martin’s became involved in the School through the experience and passion of Rachel and Matthew Morrison, 2 well-loved members of our choir. The school serves the children of migrant labourers and people dispossessed of their homes living in the slums of Hyderabad. Attending school, especially for girls, often comes second to earning money as labourers or house servants.

The school has grown rapidly and now educates 240 children. This success brings with it the challenge to maintain educational standards for increasing numbers within a small budget. However, it has also provided the opportunity to start charging fees to those who can afford it, providing a more sustainable income, while ensuring subsidised and free places are still available for all who need them.

St Martin’s has just given £1000 to assist some of the existing teachers to take a part-time diploma and to provide new school books. These initiatives will improve the quality of teaching, encourage the staff in their commitment to work in a difficult and unattractive area and ensure the school meets government standards.

More information about the school can be found at and if you pass by the church, there is a poster in the south west porch.

Please pray for the children of MS Foundation school, their families, teachers and the volunteers working there.

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