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Advent at Walking Pace

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Sunday 30 November 2014

Kosuke Koyama’s book Three Mile an Hour God spoke to me years ago of the human need to slow down.

While the message often runs against the grain of my hectic life, I do feel that Jesus walks, rather that runs with us. That is the pace of God’s heartbeat therefore, we should seek more ways of making that our own, with those we love.

“Love has its speed. It is a spiritual speed. It is a different kind of speed from the technological speed to which we are accustomed. It goes on in the depth of our life, whether we notice it or not, at three miles an hour. It is the speed we walk and therefore the speed the love of God walks.”

As the pace quickens in December, with the lists lengthening of things to buy and people to contact, we need an Advent reminder that God’s way is about a slow and steady peeling away of exteriors so that we can discover who we really are. Then we will be ready and open for God’s gift of love to come to us in ways we least expect.

Dear God, we pray for another way of being, another way of knowing. Across the difficult terrain of our existence we have attempted to build a highway and in so doing have lost our footpath. God, lead us to our footpath. Lead us there where, in simplicity, we may move at the speed of natural creatures and feel the earth’s love beneath our feet. Lead us there where, step-by-step, we may feel the movement of creation in our hearts. And lead us there where, side-by-side, we may feel the embrace of the common soul. Nothing can be loved at speed. God, lead us to the slow path; to the joyous insights of the pilgrim; another way of knowing; another way of being. Amen.

Michael Leunig, Common Prayer Collection

Rt Revd Peter Hullah