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Capital Vision 2020

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 9 September 2012

The London Diocese is in the process of renewing its vision for the Church in London to 2020.  These are the questions we and other churches are being asked to reflect on through our PCC:

  • What is the Spirit saying to us in the life of London?
  • Where does the Church invest effort and resources at present?
  • In what ways do we need to rethink and act differently?

It’s a good time to be doing this.  The Olympics have helped us to connect toLondonin a new way, with its energy, its diversity, and its heart, as it has welcomed the world.  There has been a real sense of pride and confidence and many of us have been part of that: Ekie, taking part in the opening ceremony having spent months preparing; Ruth, an invited guest, along with other families of the 7/7 London Bombings, absolutely thrilled to be there; Rachel, one of the amazing rhythmic drummers; Adam and Tony acting as hosts, and so many of us attending events, caught up in the excitement of this city, fully alive.

A year ago it was a very different story, as members of our own community were affected by the riots that started in Tottenham.  Ruth Hutchinson, who lives there, spoke movingly about her experience of the care and love of this community and of her neighbours who came together in solidarity.  Members of staff, living in other hotspots around the city came to work with their own stories to tell.  We lived through it and we felt it.

Because of our location, because of our gathered congregation and staff, St Martin’s knows this city and is in touch with the heart and life ofLondonin a very special way, so let’s join the conversation:

What is the Spirit saying to us in the life ofLondonand in what ways do you think the Church needs to rethink and act differently?

 The Revd Katherine Hedderly