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Caught up with God

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 20 July 2014

Many will be familiar with Rublev’s beautiful icon of The Trinity.

The immediate image is of the three angels who met Abraham at Mamre (Gen 18.1-15) but the meaning is generally understood to centre on the three Persons of the Trinity. The angels are seated around a table and the near side of the table is empty, inviting us to be there, to partake of a meal with God. On the table sits a chalice. Does it contain wine? Or does it point to the slaughtered calf that Abraham offered the angels?

The colours are vivid and deep – plenty of gold, blue and orange. At our Lent quiet day, one attendee with a deep purple jumper and bright hair stood in front of it. From my vantage point, she seemed to merge into the scene.

It spoke strongly of how we are invited to join with God, to be where God is and yet are so often unaware of how closely we are involved with God’s work. That unassuming and overflowing warm hospitality that God offers us was offered to so many by Mallie Lightbourn who passed away this week. She seemed to have no idea of how through it she brought her guests to sit at the table with God. She will be missed very much indeed. It was a great sadness to her that as she grew frailer she was able to entertain less – but she kept on going even when her tastebuds had gone and her body was weak

I will remember her with the simple, wise words of the thanksgiving with which she started those dinners.

In a world where many are hungry, we thank you for this food.

In a world where many are lonely, we thank you for friends to share it with.

In a world where many are without hope, we thank you for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jeff Claxton