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Sunday 19 May 2013

Revd Pat McCormick was the father of our own Patricia Frank and the Vicar of St Martin’s following Dick Sheppard.

In the 1930s he was faced with an all too familiar problem.  Major work was required on the ancient vaults but there was no money to pay for it.  He set about the challenge with gusto launching a ‘Million Shilling Appeal’.  He spent a whole day on the Portico while passers-by contributed shillings.  Edward VII sent a cheque for five hundred shillings and a grand total of £8,000 was raised.  The work was done.  While Pat was gratified he knew that the money raised and the building work it facilitated were only a part of the Christian story, indeed he actually expressed the wish that St Martin’s would become ‘a great Christian business’ (how he would have delighted in our commitments today) and in his own time witnessed the Crypt being pressed into use as an Air Raid Shelter for hundreds of displaced and homeless citizens.  

Today the Connection offers care and support to hundreds of homeless folk from many countries daily while the Vergers and staff offer in church the hospitality for which St Martin’s is famous.  To keep all this work going requires a million shilling appeal every week!  The Appeal, the Pilgrimage, the Cycle Ride, Marathons and sponsorship of anything that moves all have their part to play but it is important to remember that ultimately we are here for each other.  This part of our Christian business is about loving one another, making space for those who are alone or in distress and forging relationships across the usual boundaries of class and creed.  So let us be generous towards this work and to Christian Aid and at Pentecost, responding to the Spirit who reveals the truth about God.

Roger Shaljean