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Sunday 14 April 2013

We didn’t bat an eyelid when the Dr Who tardis descended into Trafalgar Square this week, or when Tom Cruise jumped from a military helicopter as we were coming into church one Sunday morning, or when rollerbladers dressed as rabbits rolled down past St Martin’s on Easter Sunday. So what does it take to surprise us?
We are truly surprised when something ordinary turns out to be full of God’s presence and promise and releases in us new life and joy.  This is the kind of joy that the first disciples were overwhelmed by. They experienced it when they discovered that it was Jesus on the beach cooking their breakfast after a night of fishing; walking alongside them on the Emmaus Road in a conversation that would change their lives forever; when Mary heard the gardener call her name and she recognised that it was Jesus who she thought had died. That’s how the risen Christ comes among us into the ordinary fabric of our lives – breakfast, a walk, our name being called – calling us to new things. It led Peter into a deeper commitment to love and serve and follow, the Emmaus disciples to turn and go back to Jerusalem, where they had known sorrow, full of hope and joy, and Mary to become a messenger bringing good news.

In these days of Easter be surprised by the joy in every day because it will be calling us to new life and wonderful things. 

What is it that you, even now, are calling out in us? 
What breadth of love have we yet to find?
What release in forgiving have we yet to discover? 
What spiritual depth do we miss, preferring to paddle in the shallows? 

John Bell, Good Friday Address, St Martin’s 2013

Revd Katherine Hedderly