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God: not just an emergency service

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 23 August 2015

Last year I bought a campervan. The ‘joke’ with other owners is that the first thing you need to buy for your van is breakdown cover.

Regardless of condition of your van, you can pay for membership so that if something goes wrong when you’re out and about, they will come and fix the problem for you. If the van is completely broken, then they will tow you home.

When you are looking after a vehicle for the long-term, it’s really important to make regular checks of the oil and coolant levels. These checks will keep the van looked after, but at the end of the day, won’t stop major problems and breakdowns.

This got me thinking about how people sometimes view Christianity and church attendance in the UK. As we have seen this week in St Martin’s, people gather in churches for National Occasions and for the outpouring of grief. Babies are brought to church to be baptised, some couples go to church to be married and people turn to churches and priests when a loved one has died. But maybe there is something more to it.

My dodgy campervan needs regular maintenance; we need to start getting our relationship with God right on a regular basis. Even though prayer and worship, however faithfully carried out, won’t stop us from having emergencies – prayer will help us along the road to a better relationship with God.

Just because I own a campervan, doesn’t mean that I know everything about it. If you don’t feel that you’ve ever had a relationship with God, or if you are feeling a bit lost, there are people here who can guide you, or help you with your ‘daily maintenance’.

It doesn’t matter what condition your life is in, God is waiting to welcome you.

Jen Midgley-Adam