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God’s Call

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 23 June 2013

Having had the opportunity to go on retreat recently, I was able to stop and spend time with God to see with fresh eyes what his call in my life is about, to lay aside all the things I have been carrying. 

It is so easy to get caught up in our roles, our responsibilities and what we think we might be doing for God.  It is amazing how tightly we hold on.  What happens when we let go?

Wandering through a late afternoon sunlit wood, I was stopped in my tracks by a deer edging its way out of the brambles searching for food.  Senses alert, I watched its every movement.  Gradually I became aware of how God looks on us like that – with incredible attention.  We are like his prey that he longs with every fibre to capture with his love.  That’s what comes first before anything else. Our sense of calling comes first from an awareness of God’s overwhelming love for us.

BBC R4 Sunday Worship from St Martin’s today ‘His Story: Our Story’ explores God’s call in our lives and the invitation for Jesus’ story to become our story, allowing the living Word of God to come alive in us, to give shape and meaning to our lives.  Today we give thanks in this congregation for that sense of call for Janet Allan who will be ordained deacon next week in Chelmsford Cathedral.  We celebrate all she and James have contributed to the life of St Martin’s and pray for all that lies ahead.

If you aren’t sure what God is calling out in you, just stop and allow God to look at you and to love you.  Make that the place that you live from.  And then take it from there.  That is how his story will become your story.

Revd Katherine Hedderly