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Illumination and Transforming – Integrated pastoral care and healing

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 20 October 2013

Over the last four weeks we have heard Gospel readings from Luke which give us a picture of pastoral care and healing.

The first used a disloyal servant to teach us the importance of Christian loyalty.  The second used a rich man and the beggar Lazarus to illustrate Christian priorities.  The third told how the germ of sincere belief in our hearts will enable love and trust in God and Jesus to blossom from tiny mustard seed into enduring strength and faithful companionship. 

Last Sunday, Luke told us about the Samaritan who, despite suffering the ravages of leprosy, was healed both physically and spiritually.  The words of the Bible tell us Luke’s views on integrated pastoral care and healing.  The Samaritan gentile, shunned in a Jewish village, was sustained and strengthened by his faith in Jesus and trust in God.  Enduring discomfort and disease, he accepted Jesus as his friend and God as his guide, and his reward was to be completely healed of his affliction. 

When you are called for healing ministry, how will you be equipped? 

Revd Paul Lau