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Richer and poorer

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 18 May 2014

Isn’t it incredible to hear this week that the richest 1% of our population own as much as the poorest 55%, that 5 billionaire families in the UK control the same wealth as 20% of the population, or 12 million people.

Rowan Williams, Chair of Christian Aid, spoke at the start of Christian Aid Week, which ends today, about the importance of addressing inequality around our world by the redistribution of both wealth and power, if violence, a key cause of poverty, is to be tackled.

‘The truth is that poverty and a sense of powerlessness are regularly among the major drivers of violence; while violence in turn is a major driver of poverty. So what we must do is recognise the vicious circle here, and ask where and how we break it.’

He spoke of the important role that women take in peacebuilding and the breaking of cycles of violence and injustice, when they themselves are the ones who suffer so much.

As we make our collection for Christian Aid today we offer the riches of our willingness to address the incredible inequality in our own society, we offer the poverty of our indifference and we commit to change. Be part of giving people a future without fear. Help to break the cycle. Please give generously.

Revd Katherine Hedderly