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The Abundance of God

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 21 April 2013

I am just about to set off on a two-week, four-continent trip, but I am determined not to break my one iron rule of travel – only carry-on luggage.  Two weeks of clothes, however, means little room for books.  That’s a problem.

So, to lighten my suitcase, I did what I have been meaning to do for ages, and went online to look for Bible apps for my computer.  What I found was extraordinary.  For free, I got the King James Version, the ESV, a Bible dictionary, and a commentary.  For another £20, I also got the NRSV, another commentary and other resources.  These all link together, are fully searchable, and can be used without an internet connection on planes.  It beats having several books open at the same time.

“You get what you pay for”, we often say, and so we measure things by their price.  But the Bible says something different.  The abundance of God is all around us for us to enjoy – yet it’s free.  The parable of the man who builds bigger barns (a story of human acquisitiveness) is followed in Luke by Jesus talking about how God looks after the ravens and the flowers of the field (a story of divine generosity).  Birds are fed, and flowers created beautiful – with no price tag.  The point of these stories is not that abundance and scarcity do not exist – they do – but that they will look very different depending on whether they are viewed in human or godly terms.  If we can actually recognise what we really have been given, then we may feel differently about what we do not have.  

So, accidentally, in my impatience to travel light, I stumbled on yet another example of God’s abundance hiding in plain view.  God’s word freely given – and for free.

Revd Will Morris