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The Baptism of Christ

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 12 January 2014

I wonder if you are a godparent.

Your role as a godparent is to look at the three things that happen at Jesus’ baptism and replicate them through the life of their godchild. It is up to the godparent to learn the song in God’s heart so well that they can sing it back to you when you forget how it goes. Jesus’ baptism reveals the song in God’s heart.

Three things happen in the baptism story. The heavens open; the Spirit descends like a dove; and a voice says ‘this is my beloved child’.

The beginning of the song goes like this: heaven is open to you.

And the second line of the song goes like this: God’s Spirit is in you.

And the third line of the song of baptism is: You mean everything to God.

This is what baptism is: God places a song in your heart. Your godparents’ role is this: to learn that song so well that they can sing it back to you when you forget how it goes. And this is the song: ‘Heaven is open to you; God’s Spirit is in you; you are everything to God’. This is the song that makes your heart sing. And what does the song mean? I’ll tell you. You are the song in God’s heart, and God will never forget how you go.

Revd Dr Sam Wells