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The Church in The School and The School in Church

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 4 November 2012

“England is altogether too timid and half-hearted about the role of schools in building citizens and citizenship.  We complain that teenagers show too little responsibility, yet we give them too little responsibility.”

So writes Andrew Adonis in Education, Education, Education, his account of the recent transformational reforms which have taken place in primary and secondary education.

Schools are very different places from the ones most of us probably attended decades ago.  Hullah PF 6085 (for that was my name and number at Bradford Grammar School in the sixties) would be puzzled today by choices and amazed at the opportunities which today’s children have to express themselves in school.

Today’s child in an outstanding school, with secure boundaries firmly in place, will have the opportunity to engage in Student Voice, will have some say in the appointment of staff, wide opportunities for community service and could even be trained to comment openly on learning in lessons.
With Inclusion and Transformation among our watchwords at St Martin’s, we are uniquely placed as a local, national and international Christian community to listen to young people, helping them become tomorrow’s citizens, even if what we hear may sometimes be challenging and uncomfortable.
As our education programme at St Martin’s admirably demonstrates, attending to our stories and learning to participate in God’s story are key priorities.  Developing working models of The Church in the School and The School in Church for “our” school and others could be a natural evolution.

Rt Revd Peter Hullah