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The Journey of Lent

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 9 March 2014

Where are we going?

You might well ask this question at the beginning of Lent. Unfortunately for those of us who like some sense of certainty, it’s not very easy to predict or anticipate the journey. What we do know is who we are going to be with. We are invited to stay close to Jesus and to take the journey into the wilderness together. We try to be as open as we possibly can and invite God to search us and know us and lead us. And hopefully surprise us! 

One way of doing this is to take part in our Monday night Lent Course. If you haven’t yet signed up then that might be your first discipline of Lent. From past experience, travelling together as a community one evening a week, is a rich and rewarding experience. This year we will be searching together for the treasure that God freely gives us. Remembering Jesus’ words: ‘The kingdom of God is like a treasure hidden in a field,” we will be learning how to do that in prayer and searching for it in the experiences, the struggles and joys of our own lives. The book we will be using is Gerard Hughes’ spiritual classic, ‘God of Surprises’. 

Lent is a journey of transformation. The mark of the cross that we receive on Ash Wednesday is a sign of our frailty and our humanity, as we admit our own failings and need of God’s forgiveness. It’s also a sign of God’s great love for us, that in the self-giving love of Christ, our world is transformed and so are we. As we face our own little deaths of temptation, and denial, of self-centredness and greed, our desire to be in control, to use our power in ways that are destructive rather than life giving, we will be searching for the treasure of God’s forgiveness, and strength, God’s renewal and faithfulness. We will journey through wilderness and uncertainty, seeking that treasure and our truer self. It is a journey to life, in the places where we ourselves are in need of resurrection. Are you coming? 

Revd Katherine Hedderly