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The light at the heart of Advent

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 14 December 2014

Once upon a time in a European country, there was a skilful and respected candle maker who had a graceful heart.

At every year’s Advent he made a candle and delivered it to the church. This was a plain candle, nothing special, but it was made with his whole heart and it was significant for the brightness it bestowed inside the church.

One year, two months before the Advent season, the candle-maker went to the priest and told him he had to go away but promised that his son would make the candle and deliver it to the church on time. He added that in many ways his son was more skilful then he was. As Christmas drew near the priest visited the candle maker’s workshop wanting to remind the son. He told the priest that he hadn’t forgotten and that the candle would delivered on time.

Just before the Advent carol service started the young candle maker hurried into the church and proudly placed his work by the altar. Everyone in the congregation gazed at it with admiration because it was carved so skilfully with a crib in which the baby Jesus was peacefully laid. When the time came, the priest asked the server to light the candle – but he couldn’t – the young candle maker had given so much attention to his carving, he had forgotten to put in the wick.

Each year, at Advent and Christmas there are queues for carol services everywhere all over the world, people like to maintain the tradition. But we must never forget that it is our Blessed Saviour who brought his light to the world and who is at the centre of Christmas.

Brothers and sisters, don’t forget to light the wick in your heart so that its light can shine throughout this blessed season and beyond.

Revd Paul Lau