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What really matters?

News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 19 January 2014

I have committed what for St Martin’s is one of the few (nearly) unpardonable sins.

I have failed to submit my front cover text to the long-suffering Parish Administrator in time. I have also failed to write up some important notes to pass on to others who work with our International Group at the Connection on Sunday afternoons. And I have deleted emails without reading them properly from fellow PCC committee members about lots of important stuff.

I can’t claim to have done much of this on purpose, but this has all come at a time when I’m trying to consciously think more about what really matters. Being more sympathetic to Martha than a Mary by inclination, I am very good at being too busy. So busy that everything is on the brink of being overwhelming. ‘Please Lord, don’t let them give me anything more to do’ probably sums up the vast majority of my prayer life at the moment.

So what does really matter? I’m only a few days into my exploration and it’s proving hard. But I have found that a few things are helping: 1) Being very honest with loved ones, friends and colleagues about how things really are and therefore permitting them to be honest back; 2) Giving up the guilt trip about things not getting done; 3) Valuing conversations with other people about things that matter most to them. Anybody like to join me in my exploration?

Sophie Tyler