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Sunday 8 February 2015

Last weekend many of you (like me) will have pushed a computer button, or walked to a letter box to send your income tax return to Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

In addition to tax withheld from pay during the year, some of you (like me) may have suffered what felt like the additional insult of having to send more money with your tax return. And then, this weekend, you get a request from the Vicar and Churchwardens to start or increase your giving to St Martin’s …

Sam has talked very eloquently about why he gives to St Martin’s. I simply want to add a couple of specific points from my own experience about why I give:

• Because I can. Even after my brush with the taxman … there’s some left over.

• Because I should. Even after my brush with the taxman … I have not fulfilled my obligations to God, his church, and his people. I am called upon to return some of the gifts I have been given.

• Because it’s fun! Especially after my brush with the taxman … I get to give for things that really excite me: my cousin’s medical clinic in one of the poorest parts of India; digitising the medieval manuscripts at my old college so the world can see them free online; and to St Martin’s, which is my home.

Giving sets me free. Free from the idea that I don’t have enough, free from the idea that I can’t do enough, free from the idea that I’ll never make enough of a difference. Whenever I give (and whatever I give) I realise I do, I can, and I will. And, somehow, that giving also then becomes another gift to me. That’s why I give.

Revd Will Morris