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News St Martin – Talking Points

Sunday 2 March 2014

So, have you kept your New Year resolutions?

Do you even remember them?! Please feel guilty whilst you try to do so!

There’s a danger that we approach Lent in a similar way, although it’s only a 40 day season, not a whole year. But it may caution us to make any Lenten resolve realistic and manageable.

Several people have said to me that they always enjoy Lent and definitely have no intention of being miserable! They see it as a chance for a spiritual stocktaking, an annual ‘MOT’, a time for self-examination and, hopefully, improvement. It can also be a time when penitence leads to a renewed sense of forgiveness and of a new beginning.

For some there may be a practical resolve. Maybe a healthier lifestyle, maybe helping a specific neighbour, maybe giving to a charity rather than to self. For others there’s the opportunity to learn, through giving attention to a Lent book or sharing in a Lent group.

For all of us it’s a time to be open to God and to what God may be saying to us, especially as we contemplate the self-giving of Christ in Holy Week.

What I’ve said is very traditional – if you have a novel way of keeping Lent, let me know. But as Sam said to us last Sunday, “It will soon be Lent, you know what to do.” So, get on with your own thing!

Revd Colin Midlane