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Total Beethoven with Julian Jacobson, Tuesday 15 October

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Monday 7 October 2013

Extraordinary pianist Julian Jacobson will take over St Martin’s on Tuesday 15 October as he performs all 32 of Beethoven’s piano sonatas in one day. 

Julian has completed the entire cycle eight times, and previously completed it in one day in 2003 at St James’. Piccadilly, raising £6,000 for WaterAid in the process.

Julian will be playing in church throughout the day, starting at 9.15am, and our lunchtime concert at 1.00pm will focus on the ‘Hammerklavier’ sonata. Daytime performances are not ticketed but all donations will be generously received and will support the work of The Connection at St Martin’s and WaterAid.

The finale of the marathon will be an evening concert, Total Beethoven, featuring four sonatas – some of the finest works Beethoven ever wrote for piano. Tickets for the evening concert are available from the Box Office and the proceeds will also support The Connection and WaterAid. 

Book tickets for the evening concert >>

Schedule for the day

Morning Session (from 9.15am)

Sonata in F min op 2 No 1
Sonata in A op 2 No 2
Sonata in C op 2 No 3
Sonata in Eb op 7
Sonata in C min op 10 No 1
Sonata in F op 10 No 2 
Sonata in D op 10 No 3
Sonata in C min op 13 “Pathetique”
Sonata in E op 14 No 1

Free 1.00pm Lunchtime concert

Sonata in E min op 90
Sonata in Bb op 106 “Hammerklavier”

Afternoon session

Sonata in G op 14 No 2
Sonata in Bb op 22
Sonata in Ab op 26 “Funeral march”
Sonata in Eb op 27 No 1
Sonata in C# min op 27 No 2 “Moonlight”
Sonata in D op 28 “Pastoral”
Sonata in G op 31 No 1
Sonata in D min op 31 No 2 “Tempest”
Sonata in Eb op 31 No 3
Sonata in G min op 49 No 1
Sonata in G op 49 No 2
Sonata in C op 53 “Waldstein”
Sonata in F op 54
Sonata in F min op 57 “Appassionata”

Evening Concert (starts 7.00pm)

Sonata in F# op 78 
Sonata in G op 79
Sonata in Eb op 81a, “Les Adieux”
Sonata in A op 101
Sonata in E op 109
Sonata in Ab op 110
Sonata in C min op 111