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Annulus Art presents cARTographies: Mapping Art Economies, Human and Fiscal

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Thursday 4 July 2013

Annulus Art presents cARTographies: Mapping Art Economies, Human and Fiscal

From 24 July, Annulus Art is hosting an exhibition that will challenge, explore and open a dialogue surrounding human and fiscal art-related economies. This unique exhibit juxtaposes the use of the most humble of tools—the Post-it Note—with the most complex of modern day inventions—the internet—to create a one-of-a-kind cartographic interpretation of the world.

Eight of London’s talented and forward-thinking artists join forces in an iconic London location, to create a truly interactive experience that encourages visitors to unveil exhibited artwork and participate in a project to create a world for that artwork to reside. cARTographies also helps bring original art to the masses by enabling visitors to purchase artwork that they have themselves influenced, for only £8.

“cARTographies truly encapsulates what we are trying to accomplish at Annulus Art,” stated Robbie Greenwood, co-founder of Annulus Art. “It is a fantastic mechanism to make what is usually an expensive commodity more affordable, to more people.”

cARTographies features work by:

Helena Tait
Kilwon An
The Lake Twins
Matt Gee
Robert Greenwood
Stefan Orlowski
Thomas Levy
Holly Williams

The exhibition opens with eight featured works – original and distinct interpretations of the world map – concealed by Post-it Notes. Visitors to the exhibit will be invited to remove Post-it Notes to gradually expose the artwork underneath. They will then take the Post-it Note to one of the eight artists exhibiting in the gallery, who will use it to create a unique piece of work; a drawing, painting or collage on the Post-it note. Visitors can purchase these Post-It note art works for £8. Then they will be asked to give the artwork a title, playing with the idea of ownership in art.

At the climax of the exhibition in August, a panel of eight judges will choose the most appropriate titles given and the owners of that Post-It note artwork will be offered one of the original eight exhibited pieces created by the artists for £8.

The Judges

Ben Lewis
J.P. Martinon
Michael Paraskos
Brendan Prendeville
Ben Read
Tolleck Winner
Chila Burman
Agnes Grunwald-Spier

Through the cARTographies exhibition, Annulus leverages the internet to create an online community of art lovers and supporters. In addition to regular Tweets and Blog posts throughout the exhibition, the general location of each participating visitor will be identified on a purpose built online map, offering a visual representation of the wide reach a single art exhibit can have—and creating an electronic cartographic interpretation of the generated art community. Visitors can connect with each other through a member’s forum on the cARTographies website.

For more information about cARTographies, to view the current world Post-It map or to participate online visit:

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Runs to 17 August.