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“His Story, Our Story: Jesus and the Storyteller’s Art” Details for Autumn Education Series 2012 released

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Friday 24 August 2012

“His Story, Our Story: Jesus and the Storyteller’s Art” Details for Autumn Education Series 2012 released

“What is truth?” Why did Jesus use narrative as his favoured form of teaching? How is it that these narratives and the story of his own life subvert expectation, disorientate, re-orientate and challenge us to find truth beyond the literal and the formulaic? How do we appropriate these stories for ourselves?  This exciting series of lectures is FREE and open to all.

You can read past lectures in our education archive and resources.

Monday 24th September 7.00-8.30pm: Jo Bailey Wells: The Story Jesus Knew.

Jo Bailey Wells is an Old Testament scholar who seeks to bring the fruits of biblical scholarship to a wider audience within the Church. Jo will reflect upon some of the stories Jesus would have known from the Hebrew Scriptures and the influence of those stories on his own story.

Monday 8th October 7.00-8.30pm: Sam Wells: The Story Jesus Told.

Sam Wells is Vicar of St Martin-in-the Fields. He is a widely respected preacher, writer, theologian, and convener of conversations on faith and the common good. In this lecture Sam will examine some of the stories Jesus told and his storyteller’s art. In particular he will look at the parables and the way they address, arrest, and alarm the first and twenty-first century listener.

Monday 22nd October 7.00pm-8.30pm: Richard Carter: The Story Jesus Became.

Richard Carter is a priest at St Martin-in-the-Fields and coordinator of the education programme. Richard has been involved in education work in many parts of the world and drama has proved a powerful resource in his work to address issues of faith, conflict and reconciliation. He will speak about how the drama of Jesus’s story impacts and gives shape to the drama of our own lives through action, empathy and ritual.

Monday 5th November 7.00pm-8.30pm: Richard Holloway: The Story that Oppresses.

Richard Holloway is a Scottish writer, broadcaster and was Bishop of Edinburgh and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church until he stood down in 2000. Richard is one of the most challenging and controversial figures in the Church. In this lecture he will explore how Jesus’ story can, and has been used to oppress.

Monday 12th November: 7.00pm-8.30pm: Paula Gooder: The Story that Liberates.

Paula Gooder is a freelance writer and well known lecturer in Biblical Studies. She is Canon Theologian of Birmingham and Guildford Cathedrals and Visiting Lecturer at King’s College, London.  Paula will talk about how Paul’s language of “dying and rising with Christ” gives us a vision both of being freed from an old way of being but also freed for a new existence in Christ. 

Monday 26th November: 7.00pm-8.30pm: John Bell: The Story and the Song.

John Bell is an ordained minister in the Church of Scotland and a member of the Iona Community. He is a liturgical composer and very gifted musician.  He lectures, preaches and conducts seminars across the denominations in many parts of the world. John Bell will speak about the importance of song in how it communicates truth (or lies), enlarges or restricts theology and spirituality, and enables diverse people to find common denominators.

The series is chaired by Clare Herbert. Lecturer in Inclusive Theology at St Martin-in-the-Fields