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Nativity at St Martin-in-the-Fields

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Thursday 20 December 2012

Nativity at St Martin-in-the-Fields

A still of Mary, Jesus and the shepherds from Martha Fiennes' 'Nativity'

On 23 December Martha Fiennes’ groundbreaking digital artwork NATIVITY will be showing at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church on Trafalgar Square between 8.00pm and 10.00pm.

NATIVITY premiered last year at Covent Garden Piazza and was visited by 80,000 people. Viewing the piece was described as a ‘magical and mesmerising experience’ as well as one which aided ‘contemplation and relaxation’. On the last Sunday of Advent and the evening of one of the last shopping days before Christmas, St Martin-in-the-Fields is offering a unique opportunity to experience an oasis of calm and reflection in the heart of the capital. NATIVITY was created using SLOimage technology which allowed Fiennes to make, for the first time ever, a ‘digital painting’ which generates and develops randomly – so much so that the artist herself does not know how the picture will appear when it is switched on, or how it will develop.

Notes to Editors SLOimage and MPC:

Martha Fiennes is one of the UK’s leading commercials directors, filmmakers, and visual artists. Her credits include commercials for Mars, Proctor and Gamble, and Caesar’s Palace as well as the feature film Onegin starring Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler.

Martha has developed a brand new media platform called SLOimage which, for the first time, allows for the creation of a self generating and developing ‘digital picture’. When a SLOimage is turned on, no one knows exactly what the image looks like, or how the content will develop allowing for a truly engaging audience experience. It is this technology that she has used to create NATIVITY.

NATIVITY was created in partnership with The Moving Picture Company (MPC) whose special effects and post-prodcution credits include the Harry Potter films and Skyfall.