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Who is my neighbour? The Ethics of Global Relationships

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Tuesday 12 July 2016

Who is my neighbour? The Ethics of Global Relationships

Autumn Lecture Series
September – November 2016


With the UK voting to leave the European Union and with increasing division, xenophobia, and confusion over future national and international relationships, the St Martin-in-the-Fields Autumn Lecture Series examines the crucial question: Who is my Neighbour?

What does the Christian commandment to love one’s neighbour as oneself actually mean for us today. Lectures by renowned theologians and practitioners will reflect on this subject in relation to issues of ecology, immigration, fear and discrimination, the present political climate both in UK, Europe and the USA. We also contemplate how that the lives of our poorest neighbours may in fact be God’s gift to us as a church and as a nation.

Rowan Williams who gives the first lecture in this series writes:

“The way that our world works, as many people have said in recent years, seems to be a way in which the boundaries and barriers are rising higher between different parts of the human race. It is a world in which very few voices are saying that the death of a child in Africa or the suffering of a woman in Syria, diminishes the reality of the child or woman in Britain, or the other way round. And if the church is not saying that, God forgive us, and God help us. That’s unity. There is our calling to let the Son of God be revealed in us, to be a sign of a unity that brings alive that deep sense of connectedness in the human world…. Each person is diminished by the pain of another and each person is enriched by the holiness of another”

All lectures from 7.00pm-8.30pm at St Martin-in-the-Fields, and are free and open to all.
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Watch our Autumn Lecture Series playlist here:

Stanley Hauerwas discusses his views on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Christianity and the perplexing state of US politics in the run up to this most controversial of Presidential Elections.

Stanley Hauerwas is regarded by many as one of the world’s most influential living theologians. Insightful and outspoken, not least on his pacifist convictions, he was named America’s best theologian by Time magazine in 2001. Today – at 79 years old – he is Gilbert T Rowe Emeritus Professor of Divinity and Law at Duke University, North Carolina.

On a trip to London to give a lecture at St Martin-in-the-Fields church, he shares his views on the perplexing state of US politics at the moment. ‘I don’t think Trump has ever had a serious encounter with Jesus’, he says.

Listen here

The Speakers


Rowan WilliamsMonday 19 September, 7.00pm
Rowan Williams: Who is my neighbour? The Ethics of Global Relationships

Rowan Williams has been Master at Magdalene College Cambridge since January 2013 and is world-renowned as a theologian, writer, teacher, thinker, and for his deep wisdom, spiritual leadership and grace. He became Bishop of Monmouth in 1991 and Archbishop of Wales in 2000. He was Archbishop of Canterbury from 2002-2012.

Listen to the podcast recording of this lecture here


Michael NorthcottMonday 3 October, 7.00pm
Michael Northcott: My neighbour and the ecological crisis

Michael Northcott is Professor of Ethics at New College in the University of Edinburgh, and an Anglican priest. He has written 12 books, mainly in the area of religious ethics and nature conservation, including Place Ecology and the Sacred (Bloomsbury 2015) and Systematic Theology and Climate Change (edited with Peter Scott, Routledge 2015).

Listen to the podcast recording of this lecture here


Sarah TeatherMonday 17 October, 7.00pm
Sarah Teather: My neighbour the refugee

Sarah Teather is Director of Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) UK. Prior to joining JRS, Sarah was a Member of Parliament in London for 12 years, including serving as Minister of State for Children and Families. She has also chaired cross party inquiries on support for children in the asylum system.

Listen to the podcast recording of this lecture here


Sarah CoakleyMonday 24 October, 7.00pm
Sarah Coakley: My neighbour beyond fear and discrimination

Sarah Coakley is Norris-Hulse Professor of Divinity at the University of Cambridge. She is a leading scholar in the fields of Philosophy of Religion and Theological Ethics. Her major works include Powers and Submissions: Spirituality, Philosophy and Gender and The New Asceticism: Sexuality, Gender and the Quest for God.

Listen to the podcast recording of this lecture here


Stanley HauerwasMonday 31 October, 7.00pm
Stanley Hauerwas: My neighbour, my nation and the presidential election

Stanley Hauerwas is the Gilbert T. Rowe Emeritus Professor of Divinity and Law at Duke University, North Carolina. He also works in medical ethics, issues of war and peace, and intellectual disability. He has written over forty books including The Peaceable Kingdom (1983), and Hannah’s Child: A Theological Memoir (2010).

Listen to the podcast recording of this lecture here

Listen to the Q&A session here

Listen to Stanley Hauerwas’s interview by former BBC Correspondent Mike Wooldridge before the lecture.


Sam WellsMonday 14 November, 7.00pm
Sam Wells: My neighbours, God’s gift

Revd Dr Sam Wells is the Vicar of St Martin-in-the-Fields, and a widely-known preacher, pastor, writer, broadcaster, and theologian. He has published 25 books, including academic studies and textbooks in Christian ethics, explorations of social mission, intercessory prayer and Anglican faith, and four collections of sermons. His most recent book is How Then Shall We Live.

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