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The Café in the Crypt is the ideal spot for affordable dining in central London.

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Thank you for your Christmas Appeal donation

Christmas Appeal - Thank You for Donating

Thank you for your donation to this year’s BBC Radio 4 St Martin-in-the-Fields Christmas Appeal. The Appeal, which has been broadcast every year since 1927, is the product of a remarkable partnership between the BBC and St Martin’s.

I was having lunch with one of the more influential people in our church and country, who told me: ‘I was talking with my mum last night. Would you believe it, she told me: “I always send a donation every year to St Martin-in-the-Fields. I’ve been sending them a donation for twenty or more years.” “May I ask why, mother?”’ to which his mother replied, summarily and succinctly: “‘St Martin’s cares about what matters.’”

I tell that story because it conveys more neatly than anything else what the Christmas Appeal is all about. Somehow over the last century this single church in central London has developed that priceless reputation that only decades of dedication could achieve. ‘St Martin’s cares about what matters.’ Our job is to make sure it always does. And, with your generous support, care for the destitute and most vulnerable in our society will continue to be at the heart of that.

With all best wishes 

Revd Dr Sam Wells

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