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Café in the Crypt

Les Routiers Café of the Year 2012, the Café in the Crypt is the ideal spot for affordable dining in central London.

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Previous Exhibitions

Visiting St Martin – Art - Art old and new

Previous exhibitions that have been held in the St Martin-in-the-Fields Gallery in the Crypt in 2013.

Exhibitions 2013

Tuesday 2 – Sunday 28 April

Artists @ The Crypt

Artists at the CryptThis exhibition of paintings by Berry Birdsall, Feza Erkeller-Yuksel, Helen Lee and Helen Ryan illustrates their love for London and reflects their diverse cultural backgrounds.  Working from the same studio, these 4 artists have produced an eclectic variety of paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolour.

Monday 29 April – Sunday 26 May

The Art of the Ever True

Image by Nicholas CopeThese recent drawings by Nicholas Cope are studies of the ‘doorway’ as a passage to the Transcendent. Of particular interest here is the idea of the ‘false doorway’, an integral concept in many Traditional cultures. This symbolic doorway is essentially a path to unity and a return to one’s origin. 

Monday 24 June – Sunday 21 July

Roman Lokati

Roman Lokati’s work links communication, body language and expression in order to explore the relationships between people who are in apparent isolation throughout their daily lives.  the artist utilises various media including drawing, watercolorus, oil and acrylic, with drypoint and linocut printmaking techniques used to create original and expressive artwork.

Saturday 8 June – Sunday 21 July

Trevor Huddleston

Sophiatown circa 1949  Photo Peter MagubaneArchbishop Trevor Huddleston CR – Called to Justice and Freedon:  A photographic exhibition marking the centenary of the birth of Archbishop Trevor Huddleston CR KCMG.   The exhibition has been curated with Christabel Gurney, AAM Archives Committee, and the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre in Sophiatown.  The images allow us to glimpse moments in the life of a courageous priest, tireless activist and servant for God’s justice.

Monday 22 July – Sunday 18 August

Annulus Art

Annulus Art ImageAnnulus presents an exhibition challenging and exploring human and fiscal art economies by creating a one-of-a-kind cartographic vision.

At the core of this exhibition lies the work of eight talented artists showing their own interpretations of the world, concealed by post it notes. Visitors will be able to purchase a note for only £8. One of the artists will transform it into an artwork and upload it onto an online map. Once an artwork is revealed, one of the participants will be offered it for £8. Thus, in the act of purchasing, participants reveal an interpretation of that very process.

Friday 24 May – Monday 26 August

Art and Faith

Art and Faith

Explore the role of art at St Martin-in-the-Fields and in the work of The Connection at St Martin’s.  Works of art and photography by clients of The Connection will be on display and available to buy.

 Tuesday 20 August – Saturday 14 September – Gallery Exhibition

A Field of Cloths

The London Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers present an exhibition of handspun, handwoven and handknitted textiles inspired by the designs, colours and fabrics of China, India and Africa.

 Wednesday 18 September – Sunday 13 October – Gallery Exhibition

Kathryn Prescott: What makes us care?

Image for The Big Issue Exhibition An exploration into the desensitization of the masses, into the plight of the homeless and in need, completely at odds with the celebration of other individuals in society gaining huge amounts of attention simply through media or arts related activities. What is in a face? What makes it so easy to walk past someone in need as if they do not exist? Why might we have looked twice had we recognised such a person from school or work or the television, looking equally as broken and destitute? By blurring the lines between celebrity and anonymity these images beg the question- “what makes us care?” All proceeds from prints sold from this exhibition will go to The Big Issue Foundation and Centrepoint homeless young person’s charity.

Monday 14 October – Sunday 10 November – Gallery Exhibition

Glenn Lowcock

Glenn Lowcock artworkThis exhibition of work by Glenn Lowcock asks us to slow down our looking, and to spend a little time. Exploring qualities of diffusion and accumulation Glenn’s work is quiet and meditative and encourages us to look at, to look through, and to look beyond.

Tuesday 24 September – Sunday 17 November – Foyer exhibition

The Fourth Plinth

Following on from the exceptional exhibition of 2011, St Martin-in-the-Fields is delighted to welcome back the Fourth Plinth Exhibition.

Over the past seven years the ’empty’ Fourth Plinth in the northwest corner of Trafalgar Square has been home to some of the world’s most innovative artworks. A shortlist of artists for the next Forth Plinth works of art will be announced shortly and marquettes of their work will be on display in an exhibition in the Foyer.  Come and see these stunning works of art and have your say on the next installation on the Fourth Plinth.

Exhibitions 2014

6 January – 2 February 2014 – Gallery Exhibition

The challenges of the global animal charity, the Brooke, through the lens of talented photographer, Richard Dunwoody MBE

Photograph of a young Guatemalan boy with his blind ponyThe Brooke has been teaching respect, compassion and care for working horses, donkeys and mules since 1934 when Dorothy Brooke first rescued the forgotten war horses in Egypt.

2014 is the 80th anniversary year for this extraordinary international animal welfare charity.  To celebrate the occasion, Richard Dunwoody has married two passions – photography and horses – to capture the diverse challenges facing these hard working animals, which are the engines of the developing world.

Come and share Richard Dunwoody’s personal experiences of the Brooke at work, feel the emotions he has captured through the lens, and be uplifted and moved by the stories behind the images.

3 February – 2 March 2014 – Gallery Exhibition


Liberty logo - protecting civil liberties and promoting human rights1930s Britain was gripped by recession and social unrest.  After witnessing brutal repression of the hunger marches and infiltration by undercover police, Ronald Kidd formed the National Council for Civil Liberties – today known as Liberty – at a meeting at St Martin’s in 1934.  He and a small group, which was later to grow to thousands of members, came together to “defend the whole spirit of British freedom”.

This exhibition celebrates 80 years of Liberty holding the powerful to account, showing battles fought and won for freedom, fairness, justice and equality, with some striking parallels between 1934 and the present day.

3 – 16 March 2014 – Gallery Exhibition

Minus 1: New Paintings for Everyday Life

 Taking as their starting point the Picasso quote “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”, this group of contemporary artists is showing a diverse collection of abstract and figurative work.  Their hope is that visitors taking a break from the noise and bustle of central London can find something in this ancient and peaceful gallery on which to contemplate and reflect.  The paintings cover many themes from intense personal biography to an examination of the forces that shape our landscapes.

Artwork by Deborah Burnstone, Annie Price, Christine Roche, Chris Shurety, and Frances Steele.

17 March – 12 April 2014: Gallery Exhibition

The Music Makers: An Exhibition by Joshua Hayes and Philip Surey

Photographer Joshua Hayes and artist Philip Surey have created an exciting exhibition offering a visual expression of classical music.

Joshua has spent the last year photographing the British craftsmen and women who make classical musical instruments, as well as composers and performers. He has created a persuasive dialogue between the factual and his emotive response to the subject.

Phil Surey has responded to this work to produce three large fabric wall hangings – paintings – that are visual manifestations of music, together with a series of slate tables with keywords that resonated with the composers when creating their work.

14 April – 11 May 2014: Gallery Exhibition

Feza Erkeller-Yuksel and Helen Lee

Feza Erkeller-Yuksel and Helen Lee return to St Martin-in-the-Fields with their latest show, ‘Point of View’. The London-based painters, share an interest in portraying moments of urban life as they present the modern city space in all its vibrant diversity. Feza brings a sharp political eye to her latest work in oil, creating an atmosphere of life in London and Istanbul. Helen focuses on detailed rendering of architectural forms of London in ink and watercolour.

12 – 25 May 2014: Gallery Exhibition

Benoit Cazelles

Discover illuminations as you’ve never seen them before!

Benoît Cazelles paints miniatures on real parchment with natural pigments and gold leaf, displaying the same patience and dexterity as the master illuminators of the Middle Ages. His Phoenix for example, with its stunning gradients of colours, represents almost three months work, while his miniature trees of life on gold-gilded pebbles are beautiful jewels to behold. His remarkable talent as an artist lies in his contemporary style, which brings an original and refreshing dimension to this art. Benoît invites you to contemplate his myriad of non-figurative and realistic motifs bursting with light, reflections and vitality.


27 May – 20 June 2014: Gallery Exhibition

The Refugee’s Gift: an exhibition of photographs by William Knight for the Refugee Council

An image from William Knight's exhibition 'A Refugee's Gift'These photographs by Bill Knight for the Refugee Council show refugees and the contribution they make to life in the United Kingdom. Here are people who have escaped from persecution and who have benefited from our long tradition of offering asylum. They may have arrived recently from conflicts in Syria, Eritrea, or Somalia, or sought safety decades ago from Hitler’s Germany. Men and women, young and old, rich and poor, most arrived with few material possessions – but they all came with an unstoppable determination to make a new life.



25 June – 20 July 2014: Gallery Exhibition

My London by Renos Lavithis

Image from Renos Lavithis' 'My London' exhibitionRenos Lavithis worked as an artist for the national newspaper Daily Mail in Fleet Street for many years.

He now visits and explores his old haunts, and places of the legendary Press centre of the world, but also many of his favourite spots of London, including scenes along the River Thames, drawing them on paper with ink, pencil, graphite and watercolour wash.

For the first time, alongside these works, Renos will be exhibiting those celebrating the London 2012 Olympics. Some other works of London such as open spaces are painted with oils.

Monday – Saturday 26 June – 8 November 2014: Hall Exhibition

“The Bible in Pictures” – The work of Annie Vallotton – A Lasting Legacy

Annie Vallotton Good News Bible illustration of a person with arms outstretched before a lakeIn the 1970s Annie Vallotton drew the illustrations for the Good News Bible which went on to sell millions of copies around the world. See these beautifully simplistic drawings in a special exhibition in the St Martin’s Hall. 



Monday 22 July – Sunday 3rd August 2014: Gallery Exhibition

London Places Open Spaces
Paintings by Berry Birdsall and Helen Ryan

Berry and Helen return to the Crypt Gallery after a successful joint exhibition in April 2013.  This exhibition celebrates London and other places of inspiration for these two artists, who originate from New York City and Dublin respectively and have chosen London as their adopted home.  The paintings take the viewer on their artistic journey. Their work hangs in both UK and international collections.

Berry paints colourful landscapes and cityscapes with an emphasis on strong light and reflections. Her main medium is oil and she aims to evoke a mood of calm but vibrant peace. In addition to being an artist she had a long scientific career at the National Institute for Medical Research in London.

Helen’s paintings document travels from her native Ireland, to Australia, Europe and ultimately her chosen home, London.   Art has been her method of recording and expressing what she sees, thinks and feels as she has moved through life. She is inspired by the energy and scale of man-made structures and the natural beauty of the world.  She is currently working with collage and quick drying acrylic paint.

Monday 4 – Sunday 31 August: Gallery Exhibition

India’s Forgotten Children: Untouchable?
Photographic exhibition by Peter Knight in conjunction with Hyderapals India Educational Trust and the International Committee of St Martin-in-the-Fields

DSC_9521-2In 2012, photographer Peter Knight was invited by the trustees of Hyderapals India Educational Trust to visit a school they support in the slums of Hyderabad. Expecting to be overwhelmed by destitution and poverty, Peter instead found himself captivated by the beauty he found amongst the so-called “untouchable” Dalit Caste left behind in the wake of India’s economic boom. This photographic exhibition of some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised children in Hyderabad raises the question: can human beings ever truly be “untouchable”?

Monday 1 – Sunday 28 September: Gallery Exhibition

London Street
by Yellon Ran Huang

londonstreet3Yellon’s 2nd solo landscape painting exhibition — ‘London Street’ series sheds light on the modern cityscape.  In the paintings, the simplified and symbolic human figures act as the rushing strangers setting in the well-developed, well-planned city streets and refer to the realism of our busy modern living.  By capturing the most common, non-noticeable scenes that we encounter in our everyday life it intends to challenge us to re-vision, re-think and reflect on the way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings which we often neglect and forget.   It evokes us to search the inner desire beneath the material satisfaction.

Monday 29 September – Sunday 12 October : Gallery Exhibition
Retracing the Eye: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless
By Sunara Begum & Dunstan Perera

sunaraRetracing the Eye: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless is a new collaborative exhibition of etches, wood-cuts and photography by the visual artists, Sunara Begum and Dunstan Perera. These two British artists of Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan descent look at the work of Margaret Cameron, a pioneering English photographer, born in India over 150 years ago. The exhibition explores, researches and collects images taken by Cameron in Ceylon in order to re-imagine the life of her silent subjects over a century later. Both artists stage a new interpretation of Cameron’s work by engaging the local community in a new relationship with the images, whilst documenting their stories and revealing their hidden narratives.The subjects in their work are a symbol of untold stories, they suggest the power of reclaiming the silenced voice that is all too often written out of human existence.

Monday 13 October – Sunday 9 November : Gallery Exhibition
In Harmony With Nature
By The London Brush Painters’ Group

UntitledThe Group was formed over fifteen years ago by a number of people who were interested in Chinese art, especially painting with the purely traditional techniques and equipment.

The Group meet once a month and paint under the guidance of an experienced tutor.  So whether you are a beginner or more experienced much can be gained from these workshops.  Members are influenced in their work by amongst other things, books,  lectures, workshops and demonstrations by Chinese artists, exhibition of Chinese art (both ancient and modern), visits to China and of course observation of nature.

Most members of the Group work within one of two recognised Chinese styles of painting: Gongbi (meticulous style) and Xieyi (spontaneous style).  Some members of the Group also study and create Chinese calligraphy and seals.



Monday 2 February 2015 – Sunday 1 March 2015
A Sense of Place by ‘ArtWorks’ artists

BJ 1532 ApsleyArtWorks is a collective of 30+ fine artists who studied together and regularly collaborate using a broad range of media from expressive drawings, prints and paintings to photography and three dimensional standing and wall work. A Sense of Place features paintings, prints, drawings, photography and mixed media. Discover more about the arts and their work from

Please be aware that the Gallery will be closed at the following times:

Monday 2 February from 6.00pm
Saturday 14 February from 6.00pm
Monday 23 February from 6.00pm
Thursday 26 February from 4.00pm

Monday 2 March 2015 – Sunday 15 March 2015
Living Borders by East London Textile Arts

african lady cleanedEast London Textile Arts was set up by local people of different faiths and ethnicities to make textiles that reflect the cultural diversity of East London. Craftspeople work in partnership with local community centres and have an outreach programme aimed at people who cannot access mainstream creative opportunities for reasons of health, family ties or economic constraints. The exhibition includes embroidered and patchwork hangings, printed textiles, puppets and other three dimensional textile works, and garments made from fabrics created on the project.  Cards, decorated papers, and booklets will be on sale with profits supporting the ongoing work of the project.


Monday 23 March 2015 – Friday 8 May 2015
Outsiders in London. Are you one, too?


milan1Following the successful showing of his 100 Faces of London in 2012,  Milan Svanderlik returns to the Gallery in the Crypt with a new exhibition, this time with a sharper socio-political edge. The term ‘outsider’ often has negative connotations: ‘outsiders’ are ‘them’ in contrast to ‘us’, arrivals from distant provinces or foreign lands, those not quite belonging, those not exactly fitting in or those not conforming.
Through their images and stories, this exhibition reveals something of the lives of 40 individuals who have perceived themselves as ‘outsiders’ in one way or another, and celebrates both their survival and their achievements.


Thursday 7 May – Monday 26 May
The Templeton Prize Exhibition – in the Foyer

Templeton_Scroll_T_BMThe Templeton Prize honours a living person who has made an exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery or practical works.  Established in 1972 by the late Sir John Templeton the prize aims to identify ‘entrepreneurs of spirit’, – outstanding individuals who have devoted their talents to expanding our vision of human purpose and ultimate reality.  Discover more about the history and background of this prestigious prize and the stories of the remarkable previous laureates.

Monday 11 May – Saturday 7 June
Contemporary Illuminations by Benoit Cazelles

Benoit_Contemporary IllustrationsRediscover the breath-taking beauty of Benoit Cazelles’ artwork in his new exhibition of stunning contemporary illuminations. Born in Versailles in 1974, this young painter displays the same patience and dexterity as the master illuminators of the Middle Ages. Using the ancient technique of painting on real parchment with natural pigments and gold leaf, he creates original masterpieces that burst with light, reflections and vitality. The artist’s exceptional virtuosity earned him the recognition of the French government when his “Cross of Unity” was offered to Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. Ranging from gold-gilded pebbles, the size of postage stamps to his three foot wide paintings with shimmering red and gold flames and subtle gradients of colours, the exhibition testifies to the relevance of this art form today.

Monday 8 June – Sunday 21 June
London Life by Philip Sanderson

PhilipPhilip Sanderson’s watercolours portray the light, colour and beauty of much that is around us. London’s urban scenes and characteristic skylines provide imposing backdrops to scenes of people doing ordinary things – a cyclist in a corner of Bloomsbury, people in deck chairs in a London park or tourists milling around Piccadilly.


Monday 22 June – Sunday 19 July
Somewhere there’s a feather falling
by Gabrielle Radiguet

Gabrielle Radiguet 2015 - 1In this solo exhibition Gabrielle invites viewers to share with her the prospect of catching a sudden glimpse of something transitory – a momentary sense of the divine. The show brings together a series of new paintings, cyanotype prints and miniature ink studies which aim to celebrate the awe and wonder of the English landscape. The paintings are built up in a spirit of quiet introspection, creating  a harmonious sense of place where time is stilled and a search for the light is shared with the viewer. The cyanotype prints are taken from the allotments and edgelands of the city where things are often left alone or forgotten. These simple specimens are literally caught in sunlight where their innate character develops into an object of individual beauty. The ink studies draw the viewer in to an intimate space of calligraphic mark making proposing through successive interpretations of the landscape, a personal journey.

Monday 1 June-Friday 31 July
The Bridge

The Bridge

This is a ground-breaking interfaith gathering of premier and emerging artists. The exhibition focuses on what they hold in common through their Arab, Persian and Jewish cultures and their Christian, Muslim and Jewish creeds. The Bridge is an East-West travelling art exhibition organised and curated by CARAVAN, an interreligious and intercultural peacebuilding NGO. It showcases the work of 47 premier contemporary visual artists from 15 countries. Each artist has submitted one original work (created specifically for the exhibition) addressing the theme. The Bridge opened on 2 February 2015 with a month-long exhibition in Paris to commemorate World Interfaith Harmony Week. After leaving St Martin-in-the-Fields the exhibition will be on display in Egypt and throughout Europe and the United States. The Bridge seeks the development of a world that inherently respects and honours cultural and religious diversity, living and working together in harmony. It does not pretend all religions are the same but highlights ways they can enrich and helpfully and creatively challenge one another.
Find out more about the artist’s work and exhibition.

Monday 20 July – Sunday 9 August
About a Strand by Lewis Phillips

The StrandAbout A Strand is based on the different extremes of life revolving around one of London’s major streets. The Strand is home to some of the world’s most famous landmarks, The Royal Courts of Justice, The Savoy, Somerset House along with elite restaurants and shops.

It is also home to some of the poorest people in the UK including some of the 5,000 people living homeless on the streets of London. This photographic essay depicts the huge diversity of the area from the high flyers to the poor who use the streets as a sanctuary for survival.

The exhibition subjects have shared their stories of success and struggle through their words and photographs. The project is hard-hitting but there it also shows the triumphs of people digging their way out of drug and alcohol abuse, mental health problems and long term unemployment in order to move on with their lives.