Visiting St Martin - A world church

Exhibitions 2013

Tuesday 2 – Sunday 28 April

Artists @ The Crypt

Artists at the CryptThis exhibition of paintings by Berry Birdsall, Feza Erkeller-Yuksel, Helen Lee and Helen Ryan illustrates their love for London and reflects their diverse cultural backgrounds.  Working from the same studio, these 4 artists have produced an eclectic variety of paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolour.

www.berrybirdsall.com www.fezaerkeller.com www.helenklee.co.uk www.helenryan.co.uk

Monday 29 April – Sunday 26 May

The Art of the Ever True

Image by Nicholas CopeThese recent drawings by Nicholas Cope are studies of the ‘doorway’ as a passage to the Transcendent. Of particular interest here is the idea of the ‘false doorway’, an integral concept in many Traditional cultures. This symbolic doorway is essentially a path to unity and a return to one’s origin.


Monday 24 June – Sunday 21 July

Roman Lokati

Roman Lokati’s work links communication, body language and expression in order to explore the relationships between people who are in apparent isolation throughout their daily lives.  the artist utilises various media including drawing, watercolorus, oil and acrylic, with drypoint and linocut printmaking techniques used to create original and expressive artwork.


Saturday 8 June – Sunday 21 July

Trevor Huddleston

Sophiatown circa 1949  Photo Peter MagubaneArchbishop Trevor Huddleston CR – Called to Justice and Freedon:  A photographic exhibition marking the centenary of the birth of Archbishop Trevor Huddleston CR KCMG.   The exhibition has been curated with Christabel Gurney, AAM Archives Committee, and the Trevor Huddleston Memorial Centre in Sophiatown.  The images allow us to glimpse moments in the life of a courageous priest, tireless activist and servant for God’s justice.

Monday 22 July – Sunday 18 August

Annulus Art

Annulus Art ImageAnnulus presents an exhibition challenging and exploring human and fiscal art economies by creating a one-of-a-kind cartographic vision.

At the core of this exhibition lies the work of eight talented artists showing their own interpretations of the world, concealed by post it notes. Visitors will be able to purchase a note for only £8. One of the artists will transform it into an artwork and upload it onto an online map. Once an artwork is revealed, one of the participants will be offered it for £8. Thus, in the act of purchasing, participants reveal an interpretation of that very process.


Friday 24 May – Monday 26 August

Art and Faith

Art and Faith

Explore the role of art at St Martin-in-the-Fields and in the work of The Connection at St Martin’s.  Works of art and photography by clients of The Connection will be on display and available to buy.

 Tuesday 20 August – Saturday 14 September – Gallery Exhibition

A Field of Cloths

The London Guild of Weavers, Spinners & Dyers present an exhibition of handspun, handwoven and handknitted textiles inspired by the designs, colours and fabrics of China, India and Africa.


 Wednesday 18 September – Sunday 13 October – Gallery Exhibition

Kathryn Prescott: What makes us care?

Image for The Big Issue Exhibition An exploration into the desensitization of the masses, into the plight of the homeless and in need, completely at odds with the celebration of other individuals in society gaining huge amounts of attention simply through media or arts related activities. What is in a face? What makes it so easy to walk past someone in need as if they do not exist? Why might we have looked twice had we recognised such a person from school or work or the television, looking equally as broken and destitute? By blurring the lines between celebrity and anonymity these images beg the question- “what makes us care?” All proceeds from prints sold from this exhibition will go to The Big Issue Foundation and Centrepoint homeless young person’s charity.


Monday 14 October – Sunday 10 November – Gallery Exhibition

Glenn Lowcock

Glenn Lowcock artworkThis exhibition of work by Glenn Lowcock asks us to slow down our looking, and to spend a little time. Exploring qualities of diffusion and accumulation Glenn’s work is quiet and meditative and encourages us to look at, to look through, and to look beyond.

Tuesday 24 September – Sunday 17 November – Foyer exhibition

The Fourth Plinth

Following on from the exceptional exhibition of 2011, St Martin-in-the-Fields is delighted to welcome back the Fourth Plinth Exhibition.

Over the past seven years the ’empty’ Fourth Plinth in the northwest corner of Trafalgar Square has been home to some of the world’s most innovative artworks. A shortlist of artists for the next Forth Plinth works of art will be announced shortly and marquettes of their work will be on display in an exhibition in the Foyer.  Come and see these stunning works of art and have your say on the next installation on the Fourth Plinth.