St Martin’s Embassy and Cultural Institute Series


A. Piazzolla – Invierno Porteño

A. Piazzolla – Resurrección del Angel

A. Piazzolla – Verano Porteño

D.Matthews – Tango de Boda

E.Darzins – Melancholic Valse (arranged by A.Tumsevica)

A.Piazzolla – Fugata

A.Piazzolla – Libertango

A.Piazzolla –Tangata



Evgeny Somoyloff (piano)

Yi Yao (accordion)

Anete Graudina (violin)

Enrique Galassi (d-bass)

The ensemble was established in January 2003 with the aim of popularizing Astor Piazzolla’s tango music at a time when Piazzolla and his music were not widely known. Yi Yao (accordion) and the founder, Anete Graudina (violin) are members since inception, we are joined today by Evgeny Samoyloff (piano), and Enrique Galassi (double bass).
Tangissimo has performed at London’s Bolivar Concert Hall, Spitalfields Studio Workshop Theatre, Burg House Hampstead, Fellowship House Hampstead Garden Suburb, the Latvian Embassy in London, Edinburgh Festival, and earlier this year in Moscow. Future performances are planned next year in Riga (Latvia) during the annual Dance Festival and the celebration of Latvia’s hundred years of independence.

Tangissimo has recorded a CD in 2013. The intention is to place tango music on the concert platform, rather than just to serve as background to dance music.