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Café in the Crypt

Les Routiers Café of the Year 2012, the Café in the Crypt is the ideal spot for affordable dining in central London.

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Art and exhibitions

Visiting St Martin – Art - Art old and new

Trafalgar Square is well known as the location for the world famous art collections in the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery. But in the Crypt of St Martin’s we have our own special space for art lovers.

The Gallery in the Crypt’s dramatic 18th Century architecture makes a stunning backdrop to display modern art and photography. Exhibitions are open to the public on Monday – Tuesday 8.00am to 8.00pm, Wednesday 8.00am to 6.00pm, Thursday – Saturday 8.00am to 9.00pm and Sunday 11.00am – 6.00pm. If we have to close the Gallery for a private event the details will be listed here.

For information about hiring the Gallery for your exhibition please email

We also use the Foyer and church railings for seasonal exhibitions.  Current and future exhibitions are included below.

 The Saint John’s Bible, Heritage edition, presented to St Martin-in-the-Fields in 2009


SJBCreated by the monks of Saint John’s Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota under the creative direction of Donald Jackson, the Saint John’s Bible is a union of an ancient Benedictine tradition with the technology and vision of today, illuminating the Word of God for a new millennium of multiple cultures and multiple faiths.

St Martin-in-the-Fields has been given a Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible.  It was a gift from Saint John’s Abbey made possible by the generosity of Dan and Katherine Whalen.  Created in a series of seven volumes, the bible is used in services in Church and some of the volumes are on permanent display in the Foyer. Prints from the Saint John’s Bible are on display in the Gallery and posters are available in the Shop.

The Saint John’s Bible was commissioned in 1998 by the Roman Catholic Benedictine Monks of Saint John’s Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota.  It was created by a team of scribes, artists and craftspeople in a scriptorium in Monmouthshire under the artistic direction of Donald Jackson, one of the world’s foremost calligraphers and the scribe to HM Queen Elizabeth ll’s Crown Office and the House of Lords. Measuring more than two feet by three feet, the bible parallels that of its medieval predecessors, written on vellum, using quills, natural handmade inks, hand-ground pigments and gold leaf while incorporating modern themes, images and technology of the 21st century.  The creation of the bible continues the Benedictine tradition of copying and caring for sacred texts.

Monday 2 February 2015 – Sunday 1 March 2015
A Sense of Place by ‘ArtWorks’ artists


BJ 1532 ApsleyArtWorks is a collective of 30+ fine artists who studied together and regularly collaborate using a broad range of media from expressive drawings, prints and paintings to photography and three dimensional standing and wall work. A Sense of Place features paintings, prints, drawings, photography and mixed media. Discover more about the arts and their work from

Please be aware that the Gallery will be closed at the following times:

Monday 2 February from 6.00pm
Saturday 14 February from 6.00pm
Monday 23 February from 6.00pm
Thursday 26 February from 4.00pm


Monday 2 March 2015 – Sunday 15 March 2015
Crossing Borders by East London Textile Arts


african lady cleanedEast London Textile Arts was set up by local people of different faiths and ethnicities to make textiles that reflect the cultural diversity of East London. Craftspeople work in partnership with local community centres and have an outreach programme aimed at people who cannot access mainstream creative opportunities for reasons of health, family ties or economic constraints. The exhibition includes embroidered and patchwork hangings, printed textiles, puppets and other three dimensional textile works, and garments made from fabrics created on the project.  Cards, decorated papers, and booklets will be on sale with profits supporting the ongoing work of the project.

Please be aware that the Gallery will be closed at the following times:

Saturday 7 March from 6.00pm
Monday 9 March from 3.00pm

Monday 23 March 2015– Saturday 9 May 2015
Outsiders in London. Are you one, too?


milan1Following the successful showing of his 100 Faces of London in 2012,  Milan Svanderlik returns to the Gallery in the Crypt with a new exhibition, this time with a sharper socio-political edge. The term ‘outsider’ often has negative connotations: ‘outsiders’ are ‘them’ in contrast to ‘us’, arrivals from distant provinces or foreign lands, those not quite belonging, those not exactly fitting in or those not conforming.
Through their images and stories, this exhibition reveals something of the lives of 40 individuals who have perceived themselves as ‘outsiders’ in one way or another, and celebrates both their survival and their achievements.

Please be aware that the Gallery will be closed at the following times:

Thursday 26 March from 6.00pm
Friday 27 March from 6.00pm
Monday 30 March from 6.00pm

Friday 3 April, all day
Sunday 26 April, all day

 Monday 1 June-Friday 31 July

The Bridge

The BridgeThis is a ground-breaking interfaith gathering of premier and emerging artists. The exhibition focuses on what they hold in common through their Arab, Persian and Jewish cultures and their Christian, Muslim and Jewish creeds. The Bridge is an East-West travelling art exhibition organised and curated by CARAVAN, an interreligious and intercultural peacebuilding NGO. It showcases the work of 47 premier contemporary visual artists from 13 countries. Each artist has submitted one original work (created specifically for the exhibition) addressing the theme. The Bridge opened on 2 February 2015 with a month-long exhibition in Paris to commemorate World Interfaith Harmony Week. After leaving St Martin-in-the-Fields the international tour will include the Vatican, Cairo, and New York. The Bridge seeks the development of a world that inherently respects and honours cultural and religious diversity, living and working together in harmony. It does not pretend all religions are the same but highlights ways they can enrich and helpfully and creatively challenge one another.
Find out more about the artist’s work and exhibition.


Previous Exhibitions

Previous exhibitions that have been held in the St Martin-in-the-Fields Gallery in the Crypt in 2013.

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Permanent Installations

St Martin-in-the-Fields is home to several commissions and permanent installations by contemporary artists.

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