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Café in the Crypt

Les Routiers Café of the Year 2012, the Café in the Crypt is the ideal spot for affordable dining in central London.

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Art and exhibitions

Visiting St Martin – Art - Art old and new

Trafalgar Square is well known as the location for the world famous art collections in the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery. But in the Crypt of St Martin’s we have our own special space for art lovers.

The Gallery in the Crypt’s dramatic 18th Century architecture makes a stunning backdrop to display modern art and photography. Exhibitions are open to the public on Monday – Tuesday 8.00am to 8.00pm, Wednesday 8.00am to 6.00pm, Thursday – Saturday 8.00am to 9.00pm and Sunday 11.00am – 6.00pm. If we have to close the Gallery for a private event the details will be listed here.

For information about hiring the Gallery for your exhibition please email

We also use the Foyer and church railings for seasonal exhibitions.  Current and future exhibitions are included below.


 Monday – Saturday 26 June – 26 October 2014: Hall Exhibition

“The Bible in Pictures” – The work of Annie Vallotton – A Lasting Legacy

Annie Vallotton Good News Bible illustration of a person with arms outstretched before a lakeIn the 1970s Annie Vallotton drew the illustrations for the Good News Bible which went on to sell millions of copies around the world. See these beautifully simplistic drawings in a special exhibition in the St Martin’s Hall.


Please be aware that St Martin’s Hall will be closed at the following times:

Wednesday 30 July All Day
Thursday 31 July All Day
Friday 1 August from 10.00am-1.00pm

Monday 22 July – Sunday 3rd August 2014: Gallery Exhibition

London Places Open Spaces
Paintings by Berry Birdsall and Helen Ryan

Berry and Helen return to the Crypt Gallery after a successful joint exhibition in April 2013.  This exhibition celebrates London and other places of inspiration for these two artists, who originate from New York City and Dublin respectively and have chosen London as their adopted home.  The paintings take the viewer on their artistic journey. Their work hangs in both UK and international collections.

Berry paints colourful landscapes and cityscapes with an emphasis on strong light and reflections. Her main medium is oil and she aims to evoke a mood of calm but vibrant peace. In addition to being an artist she had a long scientific career at the National Institute for Medical Research in London.

Helen’s paintings document travels from her native Ireland, to Australia, Europe and ultimately her chosen home, London.   Art has been her method of recording and expressing what she sees, thinks and feels as she has moved through life. She is inspired by the energy and scale of man-made structures and the natural beauty of the world.  She is currently working with collage and quick drying acrylic paint.

Please be aware that the exhibition will be taken down on Sunday 3 August during the Gallery opening hours.

Monday 4 – Sunday 31 August: Gallery Exhibition

India’s Forgotten Children: Untouchable?
Photographic exhibition by Peter Knight in conjunction with Hyderapals India Educational Trust and the International Committee of St Martin-in-the-Fields

DSC_9521-2In 2012, photographer Peter Knight was invited by the trustees of Hyderapals India Educational Trust to visit a school they support in the slums of Hyderabad. Expecting to be overwhelmed by destitution and poverty, Peter instead found himself captivated by the beauty he found amongst the so-called “untouchable” Dalit Caste left behind in the wake of India’s economic boom. This photographic exhibition of some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised children in Hyderabad raises the question: can human beings ever truly be “untouchable”?

Monday 1 – Sunday 28 September: Gallery Exhibition

London Street
by Yellon Ran Huang

londonstreet3Yellon’s 2nd solo landscape painting exhibition — ‘London Street’ series sheds light on the modern cityscape.  In the paintings, the simplified and symbolic human figures act as the rushing strangers setting in the well-developed, well-planned city streets and refer to the realism of our busy modern living.  By capturing the most common, non-noticeable scenes that we encounter in our everyday life it intends to challenge us to re-vision, re-think and reflect on the way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings which we often neglect and forget.   It evokes us to search the inner desire beneath the material satisfaction.

Monday 29 September – Sunday 12 October : Gallery Exhibition
Retracing the Eye: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless
By Sunara Begum & Dunstan Perera

sunaraRetracing the Eye: Giving a Voice to the Voiceless is a new collaborative exhibition of etches, wood-cuts and photography by the visual artists, Sunara Begum and Dunstan Perera. These two British artists of Bangladeshi and Sri Lankan descent look at the work of Margaret Cameron, a pioneering English photographer, born in India over 150 years ago. The exhibition explores, researches and collects images taken by Cameron in Ceylon in order to re-imagine the life of her silent subjects over a century later. Both artists stage a new interpretation of Cameron’s work by engaging the local community in a new relationship with the images, whilst documenting their stories and revealing their hidden narratives.The subjects in their work are a symbol of untold stories, they suggest the power of reclaiming the silenced voice that is all too often written out of human existence.

Monday 13 October – Sunday 9 November : Gallery Exhibition
In Harmony With Nature
By The London Brush Painters’ Group

UntitledThe Group was formed over fifteen years ago by a number of people who were interested in Chinese art, especially painting with the purely traditional techniques and equipment.

The Group meet once a month and paint under the guidance of an experienced tutor.  So whether you are a beginner or more experienced much can be gained from these workshops.  Members are influenced in their work by amongst other things, books,  lectures, workshops and demonstrations by Chinese artists, exhibition of Chinese art (both ancient and modern), visits to China and of course observation of nature.

Most members of the Group work within one of two recognised Chinese styles of painting: Gongbi (meticulous style) and Xieyi (spontaneous style).  Some members of the Group also study and create Chinese calligraphy and seals.


Previous Exhibitions

Previous exhibitions that have been held in the St Martin-in-the-Fields Gallery in the Crypt in 2013.

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Permanent Installations

St Martin-in-the-Fields is home to several commissions and permanent installations by contemporary artists.

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