Spirit of St Martin’s

As we look forward with hope and imagination to our doors re-opening, we’re asking everyone to share in the spirit of St Martin’s.

Your support sustains our faith work, including our church services and groups like The Nazareth Community and Bread for the World. It helps spread joy and comfort through our music events and programmes. And it ensures that our solidarity with people on the edge of society remains unbroken.

All these things are the spirit of St Martin’s. Please donate today to help keep our spirit alive. Thank you.


Solidarity and Support

Listen to guests of Sunday International Group describe their sense of belonging and connection

Summer Stage

Find out more about our programme of courtyard events – funded by supporters of the Spirit of St Martin’s campaign.

A church for everyone

Watch Neil MacGregor talk about St Martin’s architecture and history.

People sitting on church steps

Join the Cornerstone Club

Your support is our future. Help us change lives for good.

Altar items

Leave a gift in your will

Whether you’re making a will for the first time or simply changing an existing will, it’s easier than you might think to leave us a gift.

The St Martin’s Trust

Find out more about the work of the St Martin’s Trust.