Your support is our future

Our donors are the golden thread to our story

St Martin’s is a church like no other. We change lives every day through our building, ministry and support for people on the edge of society. We want to bring joy to those who come to our church, no matter what the reason.

Supporters keep our building open, fund our work with homeless people and asylum seekers, enable new music scholarships and mean we can keep developing our faith, theology and congregation.

We know the real joy in giving is the difference it makes. Members of The Cornerstone Club get closer to the heart of St Martin’s and help us change lives for good.

By making an annual donation of between £500 and £10,000 you will become a member of The Cornerstone Club. You’ll receive regular updates and news as well as invitations to visit St Martin’s. You can make a single donation, or a regular monthly gift by Direct Debit.

For more information on how to become a member of The Cornerstone Club, please contact Lisa Cullen on 020 7766 1132 or email