Vivaldi – ‘Spring’ from The Four Seasons
Bach – Selection from Orchestral Suite No 2
Pachelbel – Canon and Gigue
Bach – Double Violin Concerto
Vivaldi – Four Seasons (Summer)
Bach – Air from Orchestral Suite No 3
Vivaldi – Viola D’amore Concerto in D minor
Mozart – Divertimento No 1 in D
Vivaldi – Concerto for Two violins in A minor

Festive Orchestra of London
Miki Takahashi Solo Violin/Director
Martin Feinstein Solo Flute
Hazel Brooks Solo Viola d’amore

Founded to perform the masterpieces of the 18th century at St Martins in the Fields Church, the Festive Orchestra of London draws its members from the outstanding period performers of London. The ensemble broadcasts on both radio and television and their recordings and concerts have been critically acclaimed both in the UK and abroad.