Why we need support

St Martin-in-the-Fields has been serving London for centuries. Today St Martin’s is known and loved for its inspiring services and enlightened thinking, beautiful music and for our compassion for homeless and vulnerable people.

But our historic buildings and wide-ranging work come at a price.

To be there for generations to come, we are reaching out to those who can help us today.

We have ambitious plans for our future and are determined to ensure that St Martin’s remains at the forefront of promoting compassion, enlightenment and inclusion for people of all faiths, and those of none.

But we can’t do it alone. We need the help of everyone who cares about the good we do and can see the potential for positive change through St Martin’s to be part of building our future.

Your gift to St Martin’s enables us to make a difference.

Please support us now, and for our future.

What you can support

Support our historic building

St Martin’s is so much more than a building, but in terms of bricks and mortar, our church is strikingly unique. A Grade I listed building in the heart of London and a design that became the blueprint for churches all across the English speaking world.

Give to support St Martin's
St John's Bible

Support Our Mission and Ministry

St Martin’s upholds a Christianity that sees salvation in holistic terms – not just about the individual, but about the public, social, political and present.

Support Our Music

Music is central to life at St Martin’s. Our music entertains over 90,000 people each year and has an international reputation for excellence.


Support Homeless and Vulnerable People

For 90 years, St Martin’s has worked to make a difference to the lives of homeless and vulnerable people. We began in 1916 when the Vicar of St Martin’s sheltered freezing soldiers on their way to the front.

St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust 

St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust exists solely to support the work of St Martin-in-the-Fields.

We raise money to help St Martin’s maintain its historic buildings, to develop the world-class music programme, for the mission and ministry of the church and to help fund the work with homeless and vulnerable people.

The Board of the Trust approves strategic priorities for funding, aligned with the future plans of the PCC of St Martin’s and the St Martin-in-the-Fields Charity.


St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust is a registered charity

Charity number: 1110406

Company number:4986630


Trustees of St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust:

Revd Dr Sam Wells (Chair)

Chris Braganza

Malcolm Butler

Melanie Leach

Revd Will Morris

Christos Nifadopoulos

Robert Pfeiffer

Christophe de Taurines


St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust is a registered charity number: 1110406 and a company limited by guarantee, company number: 4986630

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St Martin-in-the-Fields Trust,

5 St Martin’s Place, Trafalgar Square,

London, WC2N 4JH

Tel: 020 7766 1132

Email: development@smitf.org