St Martin’s is so much more than a building, but in terms of bricks and mortar, our church is strikingly unique. A Grade I listed building in the heart of London and a design that became the blueprint for churches all across the English speaking world. St Martin’s is loved by millions and it’s easy to see why. The portico, supported by six giant Corinthian pillars, the spire rising 60 meters above the church, the restored crypt with its beautifully exposed brickwork and the stucco ceiling of the nave, a riot of roses and cherubs blend seamlessly with the renovated interiors that bring light and easy access to our visitors each year. A major renewal project in 2006 gave the building a new lease of life. But the wear and tear never stops.

Each year we need to complete refurbishment work to keep our buildings safe. Over the next ten years, we will need to carry out some significant projects to ensure that we can continue to welcome people into a warm and secure building all day, every day.

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