Our Duty and Our Joy: Giving from Congregation 2019

We are grateful for all the time, talents and energy, so many people give to the life of our church, but we also ask you to think about supporting St Martin’s with your money.

Giving to our church is a tangible, faithful and accountable way in which we demonstrate our gratitude to God. Attached is a leaflet which explains some of the annual costs of our ministry and mission (a response form is also attached). Please consider if you can help this year.

Read the 2019 Congregational Giving letter from Revd Dr Sam Wells and churchwardens Chris Braganza and Catherine Jackson.

If you would like any further details or information, please contact Harriet Merz, Church Coordinator, tel: 020 7766 1126, email: Harriet.Merz@smitf.org

Thank you.