The Friends of St Martin-in-the-Fields act as a bridge to belonging to a local community and to a global community, bringing together those who wish to share in the mission and ministry of St Martin-in-the-Fields. We are an inclusive church in which all are welcome and this is reflected in the Friends of St Martin’s. The Friends of St Martin-in-the Fields have been in existence for over 70 years and we are here to keep you in touch with St Martin’s through regular magazines and communications full of articles about the people, their experiences and the life here at St Martin’s. We also hope you will also join us at our Homecoming events.

You may be visiting this historic church for the first time or you may be a frequent visitor. Perhaps we are welcoming you here from overseas. You may have heard a radio broadcast from the church and felt you wanted to keep in touch. Or perhaps you are here to attend a concert. Whatever your reason for being here we hope that something of the holiness, the atmosphere, the history as well as the work and the mission of St Martin’s will inspire and remain with you when you leave. By joining the Friends of St Martin- in-the-Fields you can do just that – keep in touch and support the church.

For just £25.00 annual subscription, joining the Friends enables you to contribute and keep in touch with the life and work of the inspiring church community at St Martin-in-the Fields.

Your subscription supports:

  • The Sunday International Group of people seeking asylum here. Every Sunday they meet, find companionship, enjoy a hot lunch, a shower and an opportunity to have all their clothes washed and dried.
  • Our outreach work developing the link with St Mary’s Cathedral Johannesburg, helping it grow and develop with its many inner city challenges.
  • The hospitality extended to new members of the congregation.
  • Contributes to the floral guild who arrange the flowers that enhance our beautiful church.
  • Assists with financial support to those who want to attend church and otherwise could not afford their transport costs.

“Belonging remains a special part of human relationship. It’s hard to define – but you know when you’ve got it; or not. The Friends is a tangible way we at St Martin’s embody our belonging to one another and to God. It doesn’t get better than that.” – Sam Wells