We are glad to receive enquiries from organisations and individuals who wish to mark a special occasion or commemoration with a service in church.

Our clergy, musicians and administrative team will work with you as your particular service is put together. We will strive to ensure that the service reflects the nature of the occasion, your individual needs and desires and the Christian context in which the service takes place.

We try to be flexible in our response, for example, to requests for the use of audio-visuals, more unusual music and secular as well as biblical readings. We are open to the possibility of people of other faiths contributing to the service.

The initial contact for enquiries is Harriet Merz, Church Coordinator. Tel: 020 7766 1126 or e-mail: Harriet.Merz@smitf.org


The process:

Once an initial request has come into the parish office, this will be considered at one of the regular clergy staff meetings and a member of the clergy will make contact with you to discuss the service. They will meet with you and help you to fill out theĀ Special Services AgreementĀ and will be the person who will help you prepare your service and who will lead it on the day. You will meet the Director of Music at an early stage in the planning if music and choir are involved. If you wish to have a reception after your service you will be invited to contact our Events department.